“You’re not finished mowing yet dear…”

Lee finally got his tractor up and going. It was having some issues and the grass was getting out of hand. So much out of hand that my sissy town dog Edgar didn’t want to go to the bathroom because he hates getting his legs wet. I wanted to do cartwheels when I heard the lovely sound of the tractor starting and of Lee driving around mowing. I don’t like getting my legs wet every night either.

I did some mowing in the garden. The chicken’s grass was getting out of hand too. They won’t eat the long tall stuff because it is too tough for them. They like that tender new growth. Since the chickens were in danger of becoming lost in certain areas of their pen I thought it pertinent to mow for them. That and we moved the portable fencing and they are completely shut off from the vegetable garden area now instead of partially. They weren’t happy, but then they forgot about it.

My potatoes are up. I am feeling very happy about that. The varmit in the garden has been too obsessed over my garlic so I don’t think that it has tried eating my spuds yet. This may be a happy delusion on my part. But I prefer to keep it that way. Any more garden destruction out there and Lee may feel the need to stock up on ammo, guns, night vision goggles, and camo apparel.

We went to our annual Lane County Master Gardener fund raiser sale and got plants. We got lots and lots of plants. Basically I need to get a wagon or convince a bunch of people that don’t like plants to come along with me and be my plant holders. I have about half of the stuff I bought already planted. Among all my plant loot, I got some more blueberry bushes and a fruit tree for my Mom. You can’t beat the five dollar price tag on any of those.

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3 Responses to “You’re not finished mowing yet dear…”

  1. Lynn says:

    What is that white thing in the pen with the chickens? Is that a ball? Are the balls coming back?

    Our grass has gotten out of hand, too, we’ve both been busy working and have been neglecting the mowing.

    Your potatoes look great!

  2. Benita says:

    So, what are the white things in with the chickens?

  3. robin says:

    Yup, those are left over balls from the property clean up. Before we put the chickens out there we would let the dogs play in the field. Now the balls are just sharing space with the chickens. ­čÖé

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