Who’s turn is it to walk the dogs?

It won’t stop raining. We can’t mow, we can’t weedwack, we can’t weed in the garden, and we can’t plant anything. I’m singing the “I can’t believe it’s June and I can’t plant anything in my garden” blues.

I talked to one of my neighbors and he told me he already had his whole garden in. I felt serious stirrings of jealousy. Then he told me that some of his corn had rotted and I felt a little better. My mom hasn’t gotten her garden all the way in either. Stupid weather. I’d spit at it to show how I truly feel but it would probably rain on me for even longer.

Lee hasn’t got his bee box together yet. He doesn’t feel too bad though because it’s been a truly awful year for bees. Spring flowers came too soon and then it’s been raining ever since. I guess he can thank the weather for making him feel less guilty about not having it done yet.

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4 Responses to Rain

  1. Michelle says:

    I keep telling myself it’s better than drought….

  2. Lynn says:

    Great pic of the rain coming off the roof! I hate when it rains like that, I’m sorry! I’m interested in “Lee’s Bees” – keep us informed when he gets them setup!

  3. lee says:

    Michelle – Yes, better than drought, and at least we don’t have to haul water to anything yet. I just wish I had planted more cool crops when we had that early-season dry spell. I wanted to plant barley back in April, but I decided there wouldn’t be enough cool wet weather to see it through. Ha!!

    Lynn – I’m being frugal on the bee front and I hope to catch a wild swarm or two this year to get me started. (Purchased bees run almost $100 per colony.) Unfortunately, (and here’s the weather again), this hasn’t been a good year for bees and I haven’t heard of many colonies throwing out swarms. We’re finally getting the equipment ready now, so when the blackberries bloom and the wild colonies take off we might be ready.

  4. Leigh says:

    Weather has kept me from getting all my garden in too. Well, that and trying to tend to what’s already been planted. Bees for us are hopefully next year. I’ll be interested in your progress on this project.

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