Winning the war on grass

As the rain continued to fall from May into June and the garden choked from slugs and weeds, the grass grew on unfettered. If we had livestock, this would be a great thing. Livestock are your insurance against a bad year. When the summer is cold and rainy and the crops fail, you can always eat the flock. Unfortunately, we don’t have any livestock, just a partially fenced in pasture run amuck. There was finally a break in the weather this past week, so we attacked the grass with push mower, string trimmer, and brush hog.

Where we’d cut the grass before this season it was knee high, but the untouched areas were 5′ tall. That was a new experience for me, because if I cut more than half the brush-hog width at a time it would stall my tractor. You know the grass is too tall when it stalls a 20hp-at-the-drawbar about-100x-more-powerful-than-your-average-riding-lawn-mower tractor.

We made a lot of progress with the grass. If it stopped raining now, we’d be set. Ha! If! Anyway, I thought it was kind of funny to find so much grass wrapped around the PTO shaft of my tractor. The safety instructions on tractors tell you to never get off with the PTO running, or wear loose clothing around it or you can get snagged. Obviously, the grass wasn’t following the instructions.

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