Aggie has talent

Aggie’s breeder had an English Shepherd gathering at her place. One of the activities planned that day was a duck herding course. We signed Aggie up, I was sweating bullets she was going to eat one, and then Lee took her out. She went through the course two times and ended up being the beginner dog that did the best. We were encouraged to take her to some herding classes. Lee and I are very happy to see this part of her breeding and personality come out because we hope to use her with herding animals we plan to get in the future.

Besides doing well in the duck herding, she also took the Canine Good Citizen test. Much to our surprise she passed the test. Who would have thought our little puppy would have so much talent inside her.

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3 Responses to Aggie has talent

  1. Lynn says:

    Good Aggie! She’s smiling in that last picture!

  2. Ron says:

    Ducks are friends, not food! (“Finding Nemo”) Good job, Aggie. ­čÖé

    Your garden is looking great! That cabbage family looks so good. My spring crop got smoked by the early heat, but I’ll try for fall again…


  3. lee says:

    Lynn – Yeah, I think she is. When we took this picture, I believe we were about to take her out to run, and she knew it!

    Ron – Aggie actually leaped out of the way because a duck tried to touch her. It was kind of funny. We had the last duck pinned up against a fence, and all it had to do was walk through a short tunnel to continue. The duck didn’t like the tunnel, so it tried to fly over the fence and Aggie thought she was about to be attacked by it and she jumped about 4 feet in the air to get away. So much for eating the ducks!

    Yeah, Brassicas have done pretty good for us the last two years. We didn’t get the cabbages to head out last year, but the collard greens, beets, and broccoli all did well. I like that they are so easy to weed around. I’ve read that cabbage needs higher levels of soil nutrition, so maybe it will do better for us this time.

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