The honey bee’s have officially ditched us

That is about all there is to it. We will try again when we find another swarm. I’m thinking that we aren’t likely to find another wild swarm this year as it is late in the season. So I guess our honey bee endeavor will probably resume again next year. The good thing is we aren’t out any money from buying bee’s as there was no guarantee that those would have stayed either.

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6 Responses to The honey bee’s have officially ditched us

  1. Charity says:

    All those stings for nothin’…….. doh!

  2. lee says:

    Yup, lots of fun! Darn bees. Oh well, I learned to wear the suit next time.

  3. Lynn says:

    We have been talking to some local beekeepers in MD, and I think I’ve talked Randy into getting honeybees next year. We aren’t ready now, and I don’t want to get them right before winter, I want to give them a chance to settle in before the long coldness of winter. So this gives us a while to prepare, study, get our hive, and get our suits! Next year, bees beware!

  4. Rachael says:

    How sad! Maybe if you put an old tire out front and let it overgrow with blackberry bushes and weeds it’ll attract some bees. Well, probably just yellow jackets actually…

  5. Dan says:

    Too bad you guys couldn’t get started this year. My wife and I just began this spring in Ohio w/ 3 hives. It’s been a blast.

    Do you have a local beekeeping club? They will often maintain a contact list of beeks interested in capturing swarms (aka Swarm List) available to the public. Getting put on the list could up your chances of catching a swarm considerably. We also saw a swarm posted on Craigslist (?!) once.

  6. lee says:

    Lynn – Good to hear it. Looks like no more bees for us this year. Maybe we’ll be starting our first hive at about the same time.

    Rachael – That definitely sounds like the Oregon strategy for attracting bees. Ha! Yellow Jackets should be our state bird.

    Dan – It’s been one of those too-many-things-at-once years, but I wish our first swarm had stayed. We attended a few meetings of the local beekeeping club, but they passed the swarm list on the first meeting we attended and we were a little too intimidated by the whole process at the time to add our name. It never occurred to me that you could probably have you name added later.

    I’m glad to hear it’s worked out so well for you. We need more people raising bees.

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