Painting before the rain starts

So when Lee built me my awesome automatic chicken waterer I knew that I was going to need to paint it. Being me though, I had to find some reason to procrastinate getting out the paint because that always involves me accidentally smearing it all over myself. Then it started to rain, because my procrastination worked, and I thought “Oh crap, now my beautiful new waterer is gonna mold into the ground.” Thankfully, the rainy spell only lasted a week, so I sprung into action. Okay, maybe more like I meandered into action.

With the chicken waterer looking so spiffy in it’s new paint job, the garden gate started giving me sad looks. Okay, not really. It was more like I was giving the gate sad looks as I knew I was going to have to stain it too. When I stained it with penetrating oils early this year, I knew that it would probably need a second coat before too long. I am hoping that with the second coat complete, the third won’t be needed for a year or two. After our harsh Oregon summer, it had already started to look a little rough in a few spots. On a bright note, it was much faster and easier to stain the gate then it was to paint the chicken waterer.

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3 Responses to Painting before the rain starts

  1. Lynn says:

    Nice paint job! The rain has already started here, we are supposed to get 10+ inches today alone. Ugh…

  2. Benita says:

    What is it about red paint that just perks a place up. My grandfather was liberal in his use of red paint on gates and doors and his place always look spiffy.

  3. lee says:

    Lynn – We keep admiring the gate. It’s almost like having a new one. 10+ inches? I hope you don’t wash away!

    Benita – I like the red gate too! I can see the attraction for doors and such. If we ever build the utility shed I want, perhaps it will have a red door.

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