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Pig roundup: Lessons learned

When you tell people you are going to raise pigs, it seems that everyone has an opinion. “Did you know pigs can eat people?” “They’ll tunnel under your fence and escape.” “You need a barn for pigs.” “Pigs wreck the … Continue reading

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5 Stitches

Lee had an accident this morning. He was preparing to make some slow cooked barbacoa and trimming beef with a freshly sharpened knife, when an unfortunate disaster happened. Let’s just say that I was woke up by Lee telling me … Continue reading

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Two new windows, plans, and more plans

When we bought our house about two and a half years ago, the front porch window was already broken out. They had ‘fixed’ it by putting up a sheet of black plastic. When we got the keys to the house, … Continue reading

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Dogage disposal system

Since the pigs are gone, there’s a serious risk that vegetable scraps could start piling up in the kitchen. Thankfully, we have a pair of highly efficient biological garbage disposal units. To activate disposal, drop a scrap of vegetable on … Continue reading

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A new theme for a new year

Robin and I have been working on a new website theme for the last two weeks, and it’s finally online tonight. We hope the new theme will make the site easier to read and more interactive. Some of the key … Continue reading

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Thoughts on butcher day

They came. They went. There are no pigs now. I’ve been considering how to write this post for some time, and we decided that photos were a little beyond the tone of our blog, at least for now. You can … Continue reading

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Pig antics and bad measurements

I suppose it’s a little macabre to write about how entertaining our pigs are just 30 hours before they are butchered, but you’ll have to forgive me. I’ve enjoyed having the pigs on our property, and I’ll be sad to … Continue reading

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Winter rutabaga

It’s January and we are still eating rutabagas from the garden. Comparing the kohlrabi and the rutabaga, I have been more impressed with how the rutabaga kept its texture. That won’t stop me from planting kohlrabi in the future–it just … Continue reading

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Ghetto door

After doing some errands this evening we came home, walked up to our front door, unlocked it, and the door literally fell off it’s hinges. I had a small fit of giggles, while Lee groaned and told me he didn’t … Continue reading

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