At last!

We’ve been looking for the perfect egg basket for almost 2 years now. Most of them are either too large (6-dozen egg capacity), or too expensive ($20 for welded wire … I think not!). We finally found this perfectly sized and priced basket at our local farm store, only 2 miles from our house.

Ironically, it’s the store where we buy all our chicken feed.

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  1. katiekate says:

    You’re saying this basket will work better than my dress coat pockets? Better than the bread bag I carried out with crumbs in it? Better than the too-small leftover plastic container I took out there with me?

    I’ll make a note of that.
    My church coat thanks you.

    • robin says:

      LOL! Yeah, I carried eggs in my pockets all the time until I accidentally smashed one in it. Then I started trying to juggle them all in my hands which made it hard to open and close gates. I’ve dropped quite a few that way.

  2. Debbie says:

    We just bring an 18 count egg carton out with us when we visit the coops. We have a pile that are labeled “dirty”, and use those to hold the eggs before we wash them. We have found that we have less breakage accidents when we do that. Even putting them in a bowl or a pail, we often times end up cracking them ourselves.

  3. Charity says:

    Layla said “Hey Bob hatched some eggs.” She wanted to come on and look at pictures of the Bobs.

    • lee says:

      Well, we only have 9 chickens now, but the 4 Bobs are still fine. They’re not great layers, but they don’t drop dead suspiciously either.

  4. Lynn says:

    We now have like 4 egg baskets now. Back when we had one we would bring it into the house and forget it in the kitchen. That’s not convenient when we’re collecting eggs in the coop! So now we usually have a basket in the kitchen which just got emptied, one by the house door waiting to be taken out to the coop, and a few in the coop were they should be!

    • lee says:

      Apparently, we may end up with an egg basket collection as well. When we went out to the coop last night Robin said I couldn’t bring the basket as she was using it as a staging area for eggs newer than the eggs on the counter. Who knew?

  5. Leigh says:

    Great find! I’m still looking for mine.

    • lee says:

      My advice is: don’t do what we did. If you have a farm store 2 miles from your house, start there. I don’t know why this seems so obvious now.

  6. Pheobe says:

    Alright, I give up. I have been breaking eggs in my pockets for so long I’d stopped thinking about it. Now everyone’s egganizations are putting me to shame. O.K., O.K.! I’ll get my act together…but the dogs won’t like it!

    • lee says:

      Ah, that’s funny. We can’t let our dogs have raw eggs. It causes one dog to throw up within 10 minutes, and the other dog will have massive diarrhea for 3 days. Not fun!

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