Floor leveling and wall building

It’s been busy over here. After Lee’s stitches on Saturday, he still wanted to continue our weekend remodeling plans. So on Sunday our framer pal came over to try and straighten out our roller coaster floors. Part of our old house has sunk, and even with foundation work done it still feels like you are skiing downhill in sections of it.

The old Doug Fir flooring was ripped up and put in our fire wood pile. It would make for a pretty floor, but fir is an awfully soft wood to put that much effort into resurfacing.

Lee found out he could still do a little bit even with a bum finger. Though, I kept forcing Tylenol down him every time I saw him holding his hand up in the air and telling him to let me do it while he kept telling me he wasn’t an invalid. Shesh, boys! I would have been in bed moaning over the state of my throbbing finger.

More lathe and plaster and shiplap siding was ripped out from behind the tub. Somehow it all broke out without damaging the drywall on the other side in the bathroom. We are trying to preserve the bathroom drywall for privacy until we get to that room to address it’s many problems.

The former door into the front bedroom was removed as it has been floating pointlessly for some time. The original front bedroom area now forms the office, part of the hallway, and a coat closet. The old bedroom closet is being donated to make the bathroom larger.

A transit was used to figure out the floor drop in the office and the hallway. Between the base of the staircase (our point of reference) and the far wall of the office there was a 1.75″ drop with most of that occurring in the last few feet. A number of key measurements were taken and a shim was cut for the far wall. Then string lines were pulled from that shim back to known flat points which provided the remaining measurements.

Shims were cut on long angles as needed, glued, and then screwed in line with the underlying floor joists.

Sheets of 3/4″ tongue and groove underlayment were glued and screwed to the shims and the floor joists.

With the floor underlayment down it was time to start putting up some walls.

This is the door to Lee’s new office and it’s wall. Lee is beyond overjoyed. He is hoping to have his office all done this year. Ah what luxury! Then when he is on his business phone calls, he can shut out the dog noise.

This is my new coat closet. I am beyond overjoyed! Finally, a place to put shoes and coats that lay around everywhere. The house didn’t have a coat closet at all originally.

With that all done it’s now time for Lee and I to start blocking, insulating, adding shear, adding rigid insulation, and getting ready for the inner wall to be constructed. We may have to wait a little bit until Lee is better. He came down with a nasty flu bug Tuesday which wiped him out completely Wednesday. I told him he probably got the influenza from all the disturbed dust in the floor he was around as it was being ripped up. That or more likely he got it from the sick coughing old lady at the urgent care room this Saturday.

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9 Responses to Floor leveling and wall building

  1. Benita says:

    But don’t you love the smell of fresh cut lumber?

    This is all looking very positive! You have level floors and studs for walls and doorways and everything.

    I don’t blame you for trying to keep the drywall intact for the bathroom. Don’t blame you one bit.

    • lee says:

      Actually, this was some pretty wet wood, and I thought it had a vaguely yeasty smell to it. It wasn’t what I prefer in the aroma department. Now cedar … I love working with cedar. When we have the front of our house resided next month, it’s going to be like one big cedar air freshener!

      I think the bathroom is funny. It’s turning into it’s own separate little building surrounded by new framing.

  2. Woody says:

    Good timing with the finger and the flu…get well from both with sentences to run concurrently.

  3. Lynn says:

    Lol, Woody is right, the finger and the flu at the same time is actually a blessing! Better to get all the medical issues done at the same time, even though that sounds bad! Hope Robin doesn’t get sick!

    And oh, I dream of coat closets. I remember coat closets from previous houses. I miss coat closets. We put up hooks on a back hallway to hang coats in our old house. But the coats are always laying around the house, as the back hall isn’t a convenient place to hang coats, but was chosen because it’s the only place that’s out of sight. And the house is cold, so most of the time the coats are laid someplace where they can be grabbed quickly again.

    BTW – your house is looking awesome! It’s really coming along! 🙂

    • lee says:

      It never occurred to me that your house wouldn’t have a coat closet either. That’s definitely a “feature” of old homes, eh? Funny the things we take for granted that are relatively new inventions.

  4. Ron says:

    I keep trying to tell Mel I’m an invalid, but she says I can’t die until I’ve finished all my projects…



  5. Leigh says:

    No coat closet here either. 🙁 Lee, I’m sorry you’ve been sick, you’ve really had more than your fair share of health problems. But what fantastic progress on the house! That’s a joy, I know.

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