I finished my very first handmade wool scarf a few weeks ago. I gave it to friend but now I am thinking about commandeering Lee’s green yarn so I can make another one. The yarn is a tweed made out of baby alpaca hair. Who knows, maybe I might get wild and out of control and try to incorporate a pearl stitch in the next one.

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  1. Leigh says:

    Robin, congratulations! It looks great. Don’t you just love knitting? It’s fun, creative, and useful too.

    • robin says:

      Thanks. I did find it a lot of fun. Well…I didn’t find it much fun when I tried to do those stinky pearl stitches. Those things gave me so much grief I ripped them all out and went back to plain stitches. 🙂

  2. Mindy says:

    Nice scarf. I started knitting two years ago and am so hooked! Now I’m working on a blanket. Can’t wait to see your next piece.

    • robin says:

      Ah thanks. I have a scarf that I started on for my first one. It has pretty colors in it but its a little lumpy. hehe I haven’t finished that one up. I was thinking that if I couldn’t get that pearl stitch down about maybe making a creative blanket with strips of color instead. Or maybe making a really plain hat. lol

      • Phoebe says:

        I am still trying to finish my scarf. I am just not well suited to knitting or crocete. My most recent attempt has been unraveled 7 times. I keep croceteing a triangle. I just can’t figure out where the last stitch was when I go to make the turn, so the scarf keeps getting narrower and narrower…

        • robin says:

          Phoebe that is sooo funny. If I lose a stitch or anything goes wrong I’m screwed as I can’t figure out how to fix it. I think technically I messed up at the very end of this scarf because I had to rip out a row to have enough yarn to tie it off. I pretended that it was perfect though even though it didn’t match the other end. 😀

  3. ..OK, this is gonna sound odd but I will post it anyway..A* and I have been saving dog fur for the last 7 years..when we brush the dogs we save the down fur..You can send dog fur away and have it spun into yarn and it is supposed to be 80% warmer than regular sheep wool. I don’t really advertise that we save it as it seems sort of crazy but we almost have enough to do a couple of hats..We started saving it as our old dog was growing up as we knew that she would not last forever (shes gone now ) so I wanted to make a hat out of her fur as a keepsake…sort of morbid, sorry. The fur is now a mix of 4 dogs as we also put fur from guest dogs when we dogsit for our friends or family.

    Nice job on the scarf..I don’t knit but A* does..but I really want one of these too: r2-d2 ..if you want to knit it for me I will let you send me a pound of bacon 😉

    • Phoebe says:

      My mom knitted a sweater for a friend out of their Huskies hair. It was very warm but they reported that it smelled like a dog whenever it got wet 🙂

      • robin says:

        Boy would I be in the dog hair if I started saving Edgar’s hair. I shave him down about 4 times a year or more. I know some people that have knitted up their dogs hair also. Seems to have that wet dog smell that Phoebe talked about. That R2D2 hat is cute.

  4. Rachel says:

    Robin, I am also making my first scarf! And I also stuck to the basic knit-stitches, haha. I found your blog because I looked up “how to blanch turnips.” And, lo and behold, we got the turnips from my in laws who have a farm. Sounds like we have a lot in common. I look forward to reading more of your blog!

    • robin says:

      Hi Rachel, sorry so long in responding. How did your first scarf turn out. Even though I stuck to a basic stitch I was really happy with how mine turned out. Who needs pearl stitches anyway. hehe 🙂

  5. Heidi says:

    I love that a picture of my scarf is posted on your blog. I forgot all about your blog and then it dawned on me at 4:30am while I’m at work bored that I should catch up a bit on my reading of your entries.

    • lee says:

      Yup, it has been enshrined on the InterTubes for all eternity. Well, at least as long as we keep paying for our webhost …

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