Small stumps

Hey Lee, do you think you can dig that stump out for me?”

Lee eyeballs the stump doubtfully.

Do you think it would be too hard to pickaxe out?”

Lee rubs his chin and still looks at the stump doubtfully.

Or we could just wait until I rent that stump grinder…”

Lee gets out the pickaxe.

I was actually impressed that Lee was able to dig it out fairly fast. I think the stump looks a little bigger in person then in the picture. This particular stump was a 9″ maple tree intertwined with a smaller hazel nut tree and located just outside our back door. Since this stump was fairly easy to remove it inspired Lee to remove two small hazel nut trees that were out in our field while we were cleaning a fence line. I’ve asked Lee if that means he can dig out the cedar stumps in our front yard that are huge. After all he did tell me that cedar was a soft wood…

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  1. Ron says:

    Digging stumps out makes one wish for the ‘good old days’ when you could stop in at the hardware store to pick up some dynamite. 🙂

    • lee says:

      I’ve heard about those good old days from my dad. Sounds like fun, albeit dangerous! In this case, the stump in question was only about 8 foot from our house, so any dynamite-based solution might have led to a kitchen remodeling project.

  2. Rae says:

    Nice work! I love the reasoning that got him out there… Would never have worked on my guy. He would have bowed out to the ease of the stump grinder, or spent hours trying to figure out how to do it with the tractor and making a mess. 🙂 I would have taken the pickaxe option, though.

    • lee says:

      I’ve tried the tractor route and similarly sized stumps, and my little 20Hp 1949 era tractor doesn’t have the power to do it. Robin knows I’m not a fan of the stump grinder, because we have so few stumps that really need grinding. (3 total, after this one.)

  3. Lynn says:

    Good job! You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do to get the work done! if that means threatening to rent a stumpgrinder… Lol, I’m joking! 🙂

    We have many big piles of sticks, twigs, branches, brush, etc up near our house. Randy keeps saying that he’s going to rent a chipper/shredder whatever it’s called to turn them into mulch. I am so tired of looking at them, they’ve been there all winter. I’m thinking of starting to drag them away little by little, stick by stick, out into the woods. But I have so much more important work to do around the house. I just have to push Randy into renting that chipper machine…

    • lee says:

      Yeah, sometimes power tools really are the right solution for the job. I can’t imagine splitting that 4 cords of 3′ oak we handled two years ago by hand. Robin is also very interested in getting a chipper. The brush piles that seem to accumulate but rarely get burned also bother her.

      I’ve leveraged my stump-smashing powers to justify a new tool purchase: a Pulanski, which is half-axe, half-mattocks. Unfortunately, this means I’ll actually have to use it when it arrives …

  4. Leigh says:

    Having watched Dan do this on our place, I know that this is no small feat of work!

    • lee says:

      My goal is to take out the 2-3 foot stumps in the front yard. That will definitely be a project. This one was more of a “starter stump” compared to some I’ve seen people dig out online.

  5. Benita says:

    And, when are you and your pick ax coming to Indiana? 🙂

  6. Buck says:

    The guys who sharpen my saw chains gave me a good tip last year. They had just pronounced a chain too worn to use, and suggested I keep it for cutting in the dirt. It is not sharp, but can do some damage on softer wood. I have used to help me get in and around stumps, and it is pretty handy.

    Good luck with the stumping!

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