Windows are overrated

For the last two days our house has looked like this:

Don’t worry. We aren’t going to leave it like that! This front wall had foam insulation and new sheathing applied to the outside (because the front door position precludes thickening the wall inward). Our workers ran out of time to cut the holes and set the windows. They’ll be back during the weekend. We think.

Until then, we suspect all our neighbors are driving by and staring at our new window-less facade in abject horror. We don’t know for sure, because we have no windows to stare back at them through.

Front wall aside, the remodeling updates are going pretty well. Our shed was framed in just two days and now awaits shingles on the roof, cedar shake on the walls, trim, and a door . Our framer friend was pretty proud of his work on the shed, telling us that we were going to create massive shed envy on our block, and that it was “a work of art.” I have to agree with him. It’s cuter than our house already. Then again, our house has OSB for windows.

Robin is excited about moving boxes into the tool shed, but I’m keen on filling it with tools. It will have room for the tiller and mower on one side, a workbench on the other, and shelving units in the rest of the space. I’m finally going to have a place to store hand tools, sharpening tools, motor oil, gas tanks, fencing equipment, irrigation equipment and all those other things that normal people don’t store in their living rooms.

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9 Responses to Windows are overrated

  1. Ron says:

    Nice garden shed!

    Before I built ours, I had to walk out to the pole barn, and then way back out to the garden to do simple tasks. It was so inefficient it drove me nuts.

    Now I think we’re going to move the big garden shed, and replace it with a shorter one on a concrete slab. Then I can have a garage sale and sell 95% of the gadgets I’ve acquired and don’t use. 🙂

    • robin says:

      I’m so looking forward to getting a lot of tools out of my house when this shed gets completed. Not to mention just having the garden tools by the garden is going to be such a novel experience. lol

      Will it be hard to move your big shed?

      • Ron says:

        It is mighty nice to have the tools near where you use them. And not in the house (although I have a big pile of tools to take out to the pole barn piled by the door…)

        I imagine moving it will be pretty hard. That’s why I’m enjoying my procrastination on that project so much. 🙂

  2. Ann says:

    Lookin’ fine, lookin’ fine. Both the house AND the shed! I really hope your workers manage to show up and install those windows soon. Looks like things are heading in the right direction!

    • robin says:

      Thanks! Sometimes I find myself getting frustrated because the house improvement stuff goes so much slower then what I want it too. Ah well, it helps me practice my patience. 🙂

  3. I wish I had friends who could frame a shed in…or just friends.

    House renovations are slow..especially the way I do it..but then again I generally refuse to become a slave to anything..including renovations. I sort of wanted to be a dance-slave after I saw ‘Return of the Jedi’ as a kid but then my mom informed me that there were not any Hutts to kill with a chain on Earth and I would also look silly in a copper bikini. She also reminded me that Rancors give me nightmares and that I always cry when I get sand in my shoes..sure, none of this is on topic or relevant and most of it is down-right stupid but take solace in the fact that I cannot stop myself.

    • Ron says:

      copper bikini? Dude, you crack me up. 🙂

    • lee says:

      Yeah, I wish I had friends like that too! My framer friend insists on trading his time for money. If he worked just for beer, the house would be a whole lot closer to finished!

      Wait, your mom knew what a Rancor was?

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