Canning week continues

I got worried about my meager tomato harvest, so last Friday I stopped by a local farm store that was having a special on bulk veggies. I picked up three 20 lb boxes of tomatoes and one 10 lb box of jalapeños. Since Friday I’ve processed 18 pints seasoned tomato sauce, 7 pints Italian tomato sauce, 31 pints of various salsas, 5 pints whole jalapeños with honey and allspice, 7 pints hot cumin pickled zucchini, and 8 half pints jalapeño candy. I’m still recovering from all that canning, so I’m posting the following pictures without any comments.

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11 Responses to Canning week continues

  1. Ann says:

    Hope your recovery goes well. You can be proud of your accomplishment! Well done!

    Now you can spend the remainder of the season perusing cookbooks and websites for that next winning recipe!

    • robin says:

      I’m sitting around lounging when I should be making blackberry jam with the berries I picked yesterday. hehe Sometimes you just have to goof off. I have already been picking out recipes for next year. I can’t help myself. 😀

  2. all of your canning has inspired me to want to be more interested in canning sometime on a future date to be determined.

    looks svelt..and no need for a fridge..I like it…I have to write down in my itinerary to ‘have a bumper crop’ next year…in something..proabably be a bumper crop in failed resolutions and expectaions.

    • I really need to spellcheck moor.

      • robin says:

        Yup, no need for a fridge. Except then you have to figure out where to put all the jars. There are jars everywhere here as we have no storage space. Jars on shelves, jars on top of the dryer, jars in cabinets, jars on the counter, jars on the table saw, jars on the woodstove, and jars on the table.

  3. Rae says:

    Holy crap! Nice work!

  4. Leigh says:

    Great photos Robin. So nice to have a local source like that. I love your food mill; have never seen one like it. What brand is it?

    • robin says:

      Its the OXO Food Mill. I don’t have much experience with food mills but after looking at them on Amazon we decided to track down this one locally (I needed it that night). According to reviews, it has a smaller disk size then other ones so it will work better for tomatoes sauces and such.

  5. Benita says:

    Very nice work – and you are so pretty in that top picture.

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