Gothic chicken water tank stand

Filling chicken founts up everyday and sloshing water down your leg is a total drag! We love the automatic chicken waterer that we set up in our garden chicken pen so it was time to outfit the new hen pen with one too. Lee built a stand out of scrap wood in a few hours and set me to work painting it. If you take the trouble to build something you might as well paint it so it lasts longer. Lee said the stand looked Gothic to him and I said it looked whimsical.

We retrofitted the barrel that we had set up for our pig waterer last year, and poof, we had a chicken waterer fit for a king.

The picture below is an overview of the structures in the chicken pen. The reconfigurable chicken house in the middle is set up as a roosting house now. I think we need to lower the roost bar a little bit, as not all the chickens are too keen on using it at the moment. The reconfigurable range shelter to the left only has food and nesting boxes in it now. The nesting boxes at this moment are cardboard ones as some of the hens have started laying (willy-nilly around the pen) and Lee hasn’t got a chance to build real ones yet. (Actually, in this picture I had just put the nesting boxes in the shelter. Almost every chicken crammed themselves into the shelter to watch a hen use a box.)

I’ve been bringing scratch corn to their pen every day to train them into coming to me. Like most chickens, they are all corn addicts. It’s especially useful training for the Lakenvelder hens. If they fly out of the pen, we’ll have to lead them back with corn because they are too fast to catch.

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10 Responses to Gothic chicken water tank stand

  1. Ali says:

    Love the water stand! It is on our list…. You know the list, right?

    • robin says:

      Thanks. I love not having to lug water around every day! 🙂 I really like being able to cross things off the list. Somehow, we still have a bit more we need to get done before winter comes. Why are we always so ding dong slow!?! 🙂

  2. …that is a sweet chicken setup! Our chicks roam everywhere and they have taken it upon themselves to roost on my front step..nothing I like better then cleaning poop off my step before I go into the house!

    It is not really that gothic..where are the fishnet stockings, black nails and ripped jeans?..maybe I am thinking about the wrong gothic. If you wanted it to be double gothic you could put a pink wig on it. I will stop now.

    I want that waterer..and a bigger chicken pen…and ripped jeans.

    • robin says:

      LOL! Man I need to go shopping for a new getup I think. I was just in at the local everything store and saw a girl with pink and blue hair. I was admiring the bright colors, considering how long it would last, and whether it would be better to get a punky wig instead for the money spent.

      BTW, if you want ripped jeans jeans just throw yourself down a hill or find a cat with sharp toenails. 😀

  3. ..yeah..after I posted I realized most of my jeans are ripped already…but the rips really are not gothy enough so when I do work around the house in my ripped jeans I balance it out by wearing copious amounts of eyeshadow and listen to halloween sounds effects on the stereo. hehe

    I still want a bigger pen..but am considering a seasonal ‘set it and forget it’ pen that I take down in winter.

  4. Ann says:

    I love big pines. I’d be willing to live in a chicken coop if it meant living under big pines.

    It’s a nice set-up you’ve got there. Nirvana for chickens. The chicken stand looks great. It’ll hold forever, methinks.

    • lee says:

      I think it’s a pretty location too, and the chickens seem to like it. The grove of cedars and firs here around our house is the best feature of our property.

      The chickens are hard at work on obliterating the ground cover, but the trees won’t notice. We presently have 3 chickens that fly up into the branches to roost at night. This is what happens when you forget to trim up the limbs on one tree.

  5. Father2Five says:

    Love your chicken waterer, and plan on building one, but what is the red tray at thr end that they get the water out of? And what kind of valve system do i need?

    • lee says:

      Thanks. This is our second watering setup and they are super handy. The red bowl is a Little Giant chicken fount, which has a brass weight-based fill valve in it. It’s discussed more extensively on the original chicken waterer post. There are some online sources for it mentioned there too, if your local farm store doesn’t have it. (They are pretty common around here.)

      Since the waterer has the fill valve already, the rest of the plumbing is just a bulkhead fitting to provide a threaded port in the side of the barrel, a shutoff valve (for our own convenience), a short length of green garden hose, and the black plastic riser from which the chicken waterer is suspended.

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