Tarragon pickles and dilly beans

Lee surprised me with a new canning book called Canning for a New Generation. Though, maybe he was just hoping it would inspire me to get my butt in gear and preserve some more stuff. I made two recipes from the book tonight.

The first one I tried out was a tarragon refrigerator pickle (page 134). I’ve never had a tarragon pickle before so I felt intrigued. The pickles will have to stay in the fridge for four weeks before I can start snacking on them. I also had to slice my cucumbers as I tend to grow them short and fat.

The second recipe I tried was one for dilly beans (page 135). I’ve never canned beans before and actually had my first taste of a dilly bean a week ago. I’m thinking that this recipe I used may be less salty then the one I tried as it uses a lot of vinegar and less salt. I actually want to try out several dilly bean recipes this year so I can compare which recipe I like the best.

My tomatoes are mostly green still, so I am stuck making exotic canned goods other then the boring but oh-so-yummy salsas and what not. I’m still using canned tomatoes from two years ago so at least I am good on that front. I guess if my tomatoes never ripen this summer I can always try canning some sweet green tomato pickles.

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  1. Ron says:

    We canned many quarts of green tomato salsa one year, and it actually tasted quite good. Every time I need the recipe I just have to find it… it was on garden web, I think. And I’m sure we took liberties with it. It’s one way to use up a whole lot of green tomatoes, though.

    • lee says:

      We may have to track down that recipe too. I’m glad to hear it tasted okay. We have lots of orange Sun Gold cherry tomatoes, and a few yellow low-acid Romas, but the rest of the plants have only green tomatoes to offer.

  2. ..if gardens give you green tomatos make chow! I love chow..one of my favorite sandwiches is peanut butter, cheese and chow on a toasted english muffin..amazing!

    My grandmother always made jars and jars of chow. everything looks great!

  3. Ann says:

    I second the chow-chow idea for green tomatoes. And somehow, an English muffin with chow and PB and cheese could hit the spot right about now…

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