The first three years

Three riotous lush summer gardens,
and winters of shivering at night,
Three springtime’s first flushes of flowering,
and setting fall woodstoves alight.

Three years of successes and losses,
of planning and strides and delay,
But from three hundred meters the view is,
a life getting better each day.

Thursday was the third anniversary of our folly.

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11 Responses to The first three years

  1. Ann says:

    Happy Anniversary! The view from 300m is magnificent.

    You have both done a remarkable job in cleaning up and restoring your homestead. And to quote a nugget of wisdom from Eric: Remember, it’s a marathon, not a race.

    Enjoy it! Before long, you’ll be driving by fixer-uppers and oohing and aahing.

    That said and done, I hope you’ve found your “forever” home, and that as much as things are challenging, they are equally gratifying, and that your patience and dedication will be paid off in spades.

    It certainly looks that way, already.

    • lee says:

      Thanks! When I was working on that poem I wondering if people would get that 300m was roughly a ‘1000 foot’ view. Then I remembered, “Hey, we’ve got several readers in Canada!” Yay! ­čÖé

      I don’t think we’ll be “oohing and aahing” any fixer-uppers any time soon. Robin tells me this is our first and last do-it-yourself-from-bare-bones project.

      We don’t think of this as our “forever” home so much as the first of several “forever” homes. I expect we’ll move on at some point (economy willing), but that point is probably over a decade away. Who knows? We might get it all done and discover we can’t bear the idea of somebody bulldozing the land and subdividing it for cardboard row houses.

      • Ann says:

        We feel the same way here. I hope we’ll be here forever, though, because we love the place, but you never know where life will take you. We’ve put in a lot of sweat equity that we’ll never see back. We’re close to the city – eventually we’re going to end up with a Costco next door. With every passing year, it’s more inevitable.

        (But I intend to be the crazy b!tch who’s gonna chain herself to her timber-frame barn when the bulldozers come a rumblin’.)

        You are both to be commended for your hard work and attention to detail, though. You’re really in a “restoration” project – we didn’t have the guts nor the patience (nor the budget) for that, but we’re trying our best.

  2. Phoebe says:

    Nicely written! Isn’t it great to look back and see all the progress? Pat yourselves on the back (or pat each others backs), you guys have really worked hard and it shows. Happy Anniversary!

    • lee says:

      Thanks! Yeah, it is a good feeling. It was actually my boss who reminded me it had been 3 years. We didn’t mention the 1st or 2nd, so I thought a post was required for the 3rd.

  3. Benita says:

    So, do you still think of it as folly? I think you two ought to be very proud of yourselves. You’ve worked hard and it is showing.

    • lee says:

      Ha, you might have to ask Robin that question! I’m of the opinion that once named a folly it’s always a folly. At some point it just becomes an affectionate term. ­čÖé It’s definitely a big project and more work than building a house from scratch. When we get too dejected by how much money and time are still required to ‘finish’, we remember that we are only 4 miles from town. When we bought this property, most similarly priced locations were 15+ miles from civilization. I guess you pay less for the privilege of taking on projects that scare everyone else.

  4. nice work! congrats! our 3 year anniversary is in 3 days too!

    • lee says:

      Hey, congrats to you as well! Sometimes it doesn’t feel like we’ve made much headway until we look at pictures from the beginning.

  5. Ali says:

    Amazing, and without an oven! It will be so worth it, you have a fabulous place

    • robin says:

      I have a convection toaster oven coming in the mail and I am literally giddy with anticipation. I have plans…really big plans… I have so much baking to catch up on!!! Looking at those pie pictures you made has me wanting to make a pie as soon as I get it set up!

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