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European red slug

We came upon this large red slug one evening and because of the hole in its head we at first thought it was a Leopard Slug. After a bit of research, we discovered that it was actually a European Red … Continue reading

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Craftsman garden shed

The garden shed is finally finished! Almost. We finished building the last shelving unit in it this past week. It’s too cold and rainy to paint, so the corbels will have to wait until next year to be painted dark … Continue reading

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Daucus carota The fields are brown with Queen Anne’s lace and dried grass. I guess winter is on its way.

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Jasper’s butt

Jasper had an abscess that exploded on my hand when I picked him up. It was REALLY gross. I brought him in to the vet, returned with more drugs then should be legal, and now we have a cat with … Continue reading

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Using the whole pumpkin

“Hey Lee, I feel like something sweet. I think I’ll make a pumpkin pie.” Don’t you just hate those after-dinner dessert cravings? I had some pumpkins sitting around clogging up valuable real estate space on my table, so it was … Continue reading

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Front of our 1937 farm house is finished

Three years ago when we bought our house it was seriously lacking in the curb-appeal department. After the initial “cute!” impression wore off, you quickly realized that the deck was out of level, the front window was broken, there was … Continue reading

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