One lucky rooster

Monday night we butchered five roosters. That leaves one lucky rooster with the chipper name of Evil. Evil got his name because he would give you evil’ish looks in the chicken pen. We kept him because he was the most watchful of the roosters and wasn’t rough on the hens. I don’t think Evil knows what to do with his new status as king.

“Ladies, stand back while I assess the situation!”

“I said stand back Annoying White Chicken or you will feel the wrath of Evil!”

“You’re not the boss of me Evil. Hey LADY, where are my tasty corn bits??”

“Don’t listen to her! All of you may kiss my toes now and bow to my super amazing rooster awesomeness!!”

“Hey LADY, throw me some corn bits. My lovely lady hens are uprising and my toes need kissed!”

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14 Responses to One lucky rooster

  1. Ann says:

    Talk about chicken body-language LOL! Those photos are a scream.

    Long live the King of the Roost.

  2. Ali says:

    Did you make cock-a-leekie soup? Elvis is one handsome roo. Keep him away from the mood enhancers, or he’ll follow Presley’s path.

    • robin says:

      LOL. No we didn’t make soup. That sounds good! I’ve found out that stew birds make some pretty awesome chicken pot pie though.

  3. Snowbrush says:

    You gave him the bighead–and the girls of course.

    • robin says:

      I thought all roosters came with big heads. I’ve never been around one that didn’t think they were the most fantastic rooster ever. It could be half bald, have one leg, one eye, and one wing and still think he was gorgeous.

  4.! that must have been a blast but your ears will thank you! When we butchered our 6 roosters we left 1..but by then he had developed the bad habit of crowing all the time..which he did right up until his last minute of our new batch we have 1 rooster..and he is humping anything he can but has still yet to crow..our peafowl might be keeping him in check…We are really hoping for a non-crowing rooster. Do you make fajitas?..mmmmm.

    I don’t suppose you saw the original ‘Fright Night’? of the main characters was nicknames ‘Evil’…’You are so cool Brewster!’…another vague reference for you. the way your rooster looks like a hawk in that last shot!

    • robin says:

      Our ears are definitely thanking us. We had one rooster that went off every hour at night. The rest of them just had crowing wars through out the day. They seemed to be like dogs, once one went off the rest of them had to follow. The roosters were also gang raping the hens and the hens backs were getting bare. I told Lee it was time to butcher them or I was going to have to craigslist them.

      Nope, I haven’t seen that movie. With a title like that I probably wont. 🙂

  5. Lyssa says:

    Great photos! I can’t keep any roosters here, but I love how much personality they have.

  6. Ron says:

    I think culling gets somewhat easier when you see how much happier the rest of the birds (or whatever) are after the deed is done.

    I waited so long to butcher one of our first old roosters, that when I finally did it seemed eerily quiet.

    • robin says:

      It is amazing how peaceful it is in the chicken pen now. Evil barely crows and all the hens are much calmer. The roosters needed butchered a long time ago. It’s not a fun job and Lee kept putting it off because of not being sure he was doing it right.

  7. Lynn says:

    It sucks, but you needed to get rid of those other roos. The flock is better off. Evil is pretty. Does he ever attack you?

    • robin says:

      Evil has never attacked or shown aggression to us yet. I hope it stays that way. I am still thankful we got rid of those roosters. They were so noisy and rough on the hens.

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