Nine hens down

I listed our 9 old hens on craigslist. These were the first hens we got after moving into our place so I feel a bit sad about it. Their new owners are going to use them for layers and butcher the non-layers. We didn’t have room for them in our freezer and they have been going through a lot of feed without much laying. It was time.

Thanks for the good times and all the eggs ladies.

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  1. Benita says:

    So, are you getting ready to get new chicks? What kind are you getting this year?

    • lee says:

      We still have 12 chickens from last year’s flock: 4 Araucanas (one a rooster), 1 Cochin, and the 7 Lakenvelders. Robin is planning to sell a few of the Lakenvelders hens as layers in the next month or two (they are just starting to lay again). I expect we will only get new chicks this spring if she sells quite a few of those Lakenvelders. (We haven’t decided on breeds yet.)

  2. Ann says:

    Awwww…they’re so pretty, they have such lovely markings. I think I’m not cut out for chickens. They’d all become my pets.

    I’m sure you’re sad to see them go…me too.

    • robin says:

      If you don’t mind less eggs then its ok to keep your chickens as pets. I was sad to see them go as they were all pretty sweet hens. Everyone except Jake. She was a really annoying spastic hen.

  3. lyssa says:

    I’ve been through the same thing…it’s a little hard, but I don’t have space for a bunch of non-egg-laying freeloaders! Right now we have a pretty young flock, mostly in their first year of laying, but there are a few who will be on there way out in the next year or two.

    • robin says:

      I didn’t have a problem dispatching our roosters. Probably because they were so ding dong annoying. I wont have a problem getting rid of the Lakenvelders as I was never that attached to them. I think I was slightly more worried about someone getting the hens and mistreating them. I didn’t care if they were butchered or kept as pets otherwise. When I listed them I got a whole 3 responses and made 10 dollars off the 9 hens. Almost the cost of a bag of feed.

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