Chicken coop upgrade

Before we left on vacation we made a small upgrade to the chicken coop. We had seen a flock of wild turkeys in our field and we didn’t want the annoying buzzards cleaning out the chicken feeders in one day. The coop was originally built with a small door for a ramp, but the entrance has been capped off since the beginning.

The new ramp allows us to keep the human-sized door closed, which discourages wild birds from using the chicken feeder. The chickens adapted to the new door rather quickly, and it’s funny to watch them run up and down the ramp. I wanted a picture of the chickens milling about, but of course they all decided to keep their distance least I try something funny–like take their picture.

Evil says, “HEY, stop looking at my butt.”

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3 Responses to Chicken coop upgrade

  1. Benita says:

    Evil the Rooster? I guess I can’t talk. We had a Rhode Island Red while I was growing up named Sucker.

    • lee says:

      Back when we had 6 roosters, Evil was the one who was always circling around behind us in the chicken pen. It looked like he was preparing to stab you in the back, so we named him “Evil.” If you turned to face him, he’d starting digging in the dirt and clucking, as if to say “I’m not doing anything.”

      He remained the most watchful rooster, but he never tried to attack us, so we kept him and his name, even if the connotation is wrong.

  2. ..just like chickens to always be doing what you don’t want them to do! hehe. WHenever friends come over with their kids the chickens decide to go deep in the woods! We have a small door on our coop too..and a ramp that wobbles if something heavy tries to walk on it..with the wobbles and the height of our door I might have 2 reasons why predators have never ventured in..or we are just lucky ( so far)..we DO have problems with things eating our chicken feed..mostly Jango and Loki.

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