Rabbit sighting

Lee and I had just finished unloading 20 sheets of drywall when I took a walk around the side of our house. I turned the corner and let out a shriek. Our half blind cat Jack had been hunting and left the goods laying around.

I have never seen a rabbit here before. I felt a bit sad because they are cute, but I also don’t want them in my garden. The bunny was about half Jack’s size, so who knows how she caught it. Lee and I have been clearing out a blackberry patch so I wonder if it was displaced. The picture below is Jack playing with a mouse she caught while we were clearing blackberries. She released it eventually, but I found it a day later dead in a nest further into the blackberry thicket. Nature isn’t kind.

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  1. becky3086 says:

    I have had my cats bring back rabbits before too.

  2. Ann says:

    We had one cat who emptied a rabbit’s nest, bringing the babies back one at a time. One survived, and we nursed it back to health and released it.

    Poor little baby bunny. But you are so right, you don’t want it in your garden!!!

    • robin says:

      Just the sort of present you don’t want from your cat. lol Jack is very good at bringing in dead rodents and has several dumping grounds around our house.

      Did your cat catch the bunny you nursed back to life?

      • Ann says:

        Yup, we had a cat who would bring weasels back. He was vicious. We called the bunny Punky, because of a little white streak on his forehead that looked like a mini-mohawk. He lived in my brother’s slipper for a while (!), and we’d take him outside and let him bounce around in the grass as a bitty baby. He grew up, and we released him back to the wild.

        Tessie has become our new killing machine. That cat is unbelievable. She’ll have us rodent-free in no time at the rate she’s going.

        • robin says:

          A WEASEL?!? Oh my, that was one crazy cat. Lee and I do like having a rodent exterminator around. Before Jack moved in we had one year that our whole yard looked like a gopher mine field. It was so bad it was comical.

  3. ..yeah, this is a blessing in disguise..or a dead rabbit…I can’t decide. Jango got a rabbit by the foot once and came out with a foot in his mouth..not sure what happened to the rest of the rabbit but at least you didn’t have to worry about trying to make small crutches for a rabbit this way. A blessing in disguse afterall.

    • robin says:

      Oh dear, that is an awful story. In that case, I am really glad Jack got the whole bunny and not just a foot. Since Jango came back with a foot does that make him lucky? Obviously, the bunny run out of luck. Since the bunny wasn’t lucky then maybe that means it’s an unlucky foot?

  4. Lynn says:

    I was just reading your blog and wondering if you still had ole one eyed Jack. I’m glad she’s still protecting your farm. I have TommyCat and Jerry outside protecting my farm from rodents. And Bobby inside does a grand job of killing and EATING any mice that make their way in. And Shadow eats all bugs that come in. Crazy animals, but it works!

    • robin says:

      They have a great system going on at your place! Lee’s dog Aggie eats all the flies here. It comes in handy during the summer time when they somehow sneak in the house.

  5. Snowbrush says:

    Even my schnauzer was able to catch a young rabbit, so I’m not surprised that a half-blind cat could do the job.

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