Praying Mantis

I was taking a cart load of debris out of the garden when I noticed a Praying Mantis on the gate. I only noticed it because I was trying not to bash the gate with the cart wheel. We saw a lot of them earlier in the year when they were green colored and blending in with the scenery. I hadn’t seen any since they turned brown for the season.

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5 Responses to Praying Mantis

  1. Phil says:

    Love praying mantises! It’s weird though, how I could let ‘cute’ bugs like praying mantises or ladybugs crawl all over me, but I wouldn’t afford the same to a roach or something ­čÖé

  2. Snowbrush says:

    I miss those guys because they were common in the South, but I rarely see them out here (walking sticks being a similar looking critter that I seldom see here). So it is with insects in general.

    • robin says:

      Some years it seems like you see more insects then other years. This year we saw a lot of lady beetles, praying mantis, and those black and orange striped caterpillars. I’ve never seen a walking stick.

  3. Lynn says:

    I love the praying mantis! I thought they changed color to match their surrounding?

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