Rooster and hens on the move

Back in July, we suspected one of our new chicks was a rooster, and when it started crowing a few weeks later our suspicions were confirmed. The farm store purportedly sold us three Red Sex Link hens, but we most likely got two Buff Orpington hens and one rooster. I’m okay with the mix up, because I also wanted to try Buffs based on recommendations from our blog comments.

We didn’t need two roosters and we still like Evil, so we listed the Buff rooster on Craigslist. The lady who picked him up was looking for a replacement Buff Orpington rooster for her flock. Her current rooster looked very similar but was getting old. I honestly just expected him to become dinner, so it’s nice he is going to get a longer go at it.

A few days later I sold the seven Lakenvelder hens. Lee and I were so happy to see them off to a new home. They did eventually start laying medium sized eggs, but we never fell in love with the breed. I think the early frustration with them negatively colored our perception.

This leaves us with sixteen chickens in total: one rooster and 4 hens from the 2011 flock and 11 new hens from the 2012 flock. I’m going to integrate the two flocks which will greatly simplify our chores. The geese will have the full run of the smaller chicken pen, as we never got around to building them a goose house out in the garden. Our summer plans didn’t go quite as expected, but with these new changes we are at least looking forward to a smaller feed bill.

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  1. becky3086 says:

    The problem with chickens is that there are so many varieties and you get caught up with wanting them all but they DON’T really pay for themselves if you have too many. Right now I have 4 hens and a rooster. I also have ducks. I get approximately 4-6 eggs a day but that is plenty. I pay a lot for those eggs but on average I have 4 dozen eggs in the fridg and never have to worry about how many eggs I use and can still give some to my friend and neighbor. That makes them worth it to me. I do however have some bantams that are great at hatching their own chicks but not great at taking care of them. They also hatch way more roos than hens. I am about to do away with a lot of the extra roos I have from them that are just eating up food. . . one way or another.

    • robin says:

      I do like trying new varieties a lot! ­čÖé I’m actually thinking about getting rid of the four hens from the older flock because we don’t really need sixteen chickens. We are getting more than enough eggs for us and the few people we supply eggs to. If I wasn’t selling some eggs I could see just having three hens around or so. I like having them around.

  2. Ann says:

    That Buffy boy is an amazing looking rooster! What a beauty! Glad he found a new home though. You must have breathed a sigh of relief to see him go, as well as the Lakenvelders.

    Hope your weather is cooperating. We are having a superb fall so far, with amazing colours. Today it’s very windy which obviously brings down all the leaves, but it was nice while it lasted. Now we’re onto the new stage of fall with denuded trees.

    • robin says:

      That Buff was a pretty boy. He was ok on the rooster front but not brilliant like Evil is. Evil is pretty much the perfect roo at the moment. I can’t even begin to tell you how happy we were to get rid of the Lakenvelders. Now when I go out to the hen house all the chickens come out to see me all friendly like. It’s amazing. lol

      The weather here has been really nice until now. The leaves have mostly finished falling and we just got a cold snap recently. It has been a nice fall.

  3. Benita says:

    Don’t you just love hearing chickens talk to one another? I miss having them. Yours look nice and healthy, too.

    • robin says:

      I do like hearing them talk to each other. I was somewhat happy to have the rooster gone as two roosters crowing back and forth would get annoying sometimes.

  4. ..the chickens do look great..The unfortunate thing about ours is that I like when they run free..but hate chicken poop..especially on the deck. I guess a big chicken run would cure this but it is not on our list of priorities..I like what we do these days..penned in and we let them out for an hour or 2 when we are in the mood…mood for chickens running around that is.

    • robin says:

      I hate stepping in chicken crap when I’m not wearing my chore boots. Every time I would walk out back in my normal shoes I would have to stare at the ground like I was searching for gold. Otherwise I would be doing the grass wipe dance combined with the hose spray to get the nasty off my foot before going inside.

  5. Woody says:

    Good sale! I’m not a fan of the lakenvelders. The ones we had were very skittish and didn’t lay very well. On a good note, they seem to be stupid enough to be the first of our flock to be picked off by the coons. Natural selection? Maybe that is why they are an endangered breed.

    • robin says:

      HAHAAAA! None of the predators around here wanted to deal with eating ours. Probably figured they were too annoying to bother with.

  6. Snowbrush says:

    Now that you’ve become a poultry tycoon, I assume Lee will stop work and pursue his intellectual interests. I wonder if maybe you could take Peggy on as your partner now that she’s planning to retire, and I’m feeling a little apprehensive about having her at home 24/7. Of course, you guys do it, but it surely must be a challenge.

    • robin says:

      Wow, when someone asks me what I do for a living now I am going to say I am a poultry tycoon. It’s got more of a ring to it then housewife. Besides, being a tycoon could be fun because I would have to work on an evil laugh.

      Lee and I are both pretty easy going so being home all the time together isn’t bad. I miss the days when I could spiff up the house in barely any time and he would come home from work and think I slaved away all day. Ha!

  7. john says:

    I have just “found” your blog through Tom (Hippo)
    absolutely love your geese….
    I need to get me some more like yours me thinks

  8. Heidi says:

    Robin your chicken photography is amazing. Pictures on your blog having to do with hens or roosters are my fav.

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