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Fixing a broken chicken waterer

One of the foundations of free market theory is that when consumers and producers can both make free decisions, the market will settle on prices and production levels which maximize the benefit to all individuals involved. While this seems to … Continue reading

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Red onions and garlic

The red onions have been hanging up in bundles and drying for some weeks now. Today Lee took them down and I trimmed them up. I can’t believe we really have an onion harvest this year after four years of … Continue reading

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State of the garden: August

This has been our most successful garden to date. Crops which failed for us in the past have been thriving and past successes are bigger than ever. It’s also been the first time in four years that Lee wasn’t completely … Continue reading

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The lady beetle infestation

A couple months ago we lamented the cucumber beetle army which was attacking our cucumbers, squash, beans, sun flowers and pretty much everything else. We smashed hundreds of them and even resorted to Pyrethrin once. The cucumber beetle battle lasted … Continue reading

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Name that mystery vegetable

It’s the game show for people who don’t get their food from a box! For 200 points, what is this garden vegetable: Bonus points if you know the cultivar name as well. Please answer in the form of a question … Continue reading

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Our veggie garden this year has an abundance of volunteer sunflowers. Last fall I left the sunflower stalks until the wild birds had cleaned up all the seeds. I’ve never had volunteer sunflowers before, so I guess the birds planted … Continue reading

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Harvesting alliums

We always talk about starting a gardening notebook, but somehow the talk never materializes onto paper. Lacking a decent notebook, we often refer to the blog for gardening dates from previous years. Looking back on our garlic harvest for the … Continue reading

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Toulouse geese join the homestead

Some friends gave us four Toulouse geese on Sunday. We are very excited to add them to our place! Geese can live only on grass, which is a big advantage as grain prices rise. We eventually hope to use them … Continue reading

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Cauliflower of prodigious size

Our cauliflower this year was huge. They were planted in a bed that had been sheet composted with chicken manure and you could tell the plants were happy. I wanted to try pickling some again this year but I decided … Continue reading

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Baby chicks get to free range

On June 22nd we started letting the small chicks out of their coop during the day. After several hours of them refusing to leave the safety of their home, I went out and sat in the chicken pen. One by … Continue reading

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