Mailbox stand

The mailbox stand we share with our neighbor has been falling down since we bought the house five years ago. More recently it crossed over the line from dilapidated to disintegrating. Our mail person had to lean awkwardly down from their car to reach it and open it carefully lest it simply fall off the post.

Old mailbox stand

Lee decided to build a new stand which puts the boxes at the regulation height. He wanted something sturdy and study it is. The 6×6 posts are set 3.5 feet in the ground and everything is connected with through-bolts and lag screws. We stained the wood using the same solid stain as our porch and spray painted all the bolts black. It’s been a couple month now, and it seems to be doing the job. What more could you want than a luxurious stand to collect junk mail?

Sturdy mailbox holder

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  1. Snowbrush says:

    It looks great. In Mississippi, some people considered it entertaining to hit mail boxes with boards as they drove around in cars. If that’s true in Oregon, your set up should deter it.

    • robin says:

      Lee was hoping to discourage this with the hefty posts I think. If they don’t exactly hit the front lip of the box, it’s going to give someone a sore arm. 🙂 I don’t think it’s too common in this area. All the bozos near us are busy off-roading on people’s land and driving over stop signs.

    • Randy says:

      Dad has made mailboxes out of square steel tubing 8″ x 8″ welded on a 3″ steel pipe with steel plate welded on the rear and another steel plate with bent in edges and custom hinge due to people hitting them with baseball bats. His friend had some kids take one off with a metal bat out the bed of a truck. His friend heard it the next time they come by. Truck engine revs up, a loud metal on metal “BING”, and a teenager with a broken arm fell out the back of the truck. No one has been back on that road since hitting mailboxes.

  2. ShimFarm says:

    Nice job. I’m glad Lee used 6″x’6″ lumber. At least my husband isn’t the only one to over-engineer LOL. That thing will last decades.

    The snow plow nails our mailbox almost every winter. It’s like playing Where’s Waldo, trying to find the box (and the mail…) in a white-out.

    The outside of your house looks amazing, by the way. Hope you’re all well and enjoying fall!

    • lee says:

      I agree with your husband! I’ve seen a lot of fences built from 4×4’s fail in short order, but I didn’t want large round posts in the front yard for appearance’s sake. Our local hardware store stocks these 6×6’s in multiple lengths and I was really impressed by the quality. We will probably use them for a livestock fence across the back yard next.

      No snow to worry about around here of course, although I’d like to think the plow would get stuck if it hit my stand. 🙂 I’ve seen plans for mailboxes that swing out of the way when they are hit. Might be useful in your neck of the woods.

      We are fine. Staying warm and busy and finally trying to catch up on the blog.

      • ShimFarm says:

        Oh yes, you are so right about the 4x4s. Our fence, that runs between the house and road, recently blew over when several of the 4x4s simply snapped at ground level. Mind you, it was an epic windstorm (wait for the photos of our barn on my blog!), but still, it’s frustrating to have to re-do something that wasn’t well done to begin with.

        I’ve seen those swing-away hinges, they’re like $70 a pop from Lee Valley! The city replaces our box for free LOL…you do the math! As it is, we now get our mail at a super-box, so our “mail box” is nothing more than a receptacle for circulars and local newspapers these days.

        Glad to see you’re keeping us loyal readers up-to-date! It’s always nice to catch up with the latest news.

  3. Phil says:

    LOL I didn’t see the new mailboxes at first in the final picture. It looked like Lee constructed this huge post setup with the sole purpose of keeping the old mailboxes from toppling over 🙂

    • robin says:

      HAHA! Lee knows his projects go slow so he just built the new stand around the old one so we could still get mail. That way he could take his sweet time about it and our neighbor had time to get a new mailbox. 🙂

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  5. Hehe, I guess it is going to be there for a while! Built to last!

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