Mushroom cluster

Each year we get more mushrooms in this spot. It’s where a Hazel nut tree was taken out several years ago. If only it was a group of chanterelle mushrooms instead…


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3 Responses to Mushroom cluster

  1. ShimFarm says:

    Cool…do you have any good spots for chanterelles or morels nearby?

    Are any of the mushrooms in your photo edible?

    • lee says:

      We just recently discovered wild Chanterelles at the store, so finding them in the woods is little beyond my ability. It was an odd bit of synchronicity that I read the Reluctant Homesteader’s post about foraging Chanterelles soon after tasting my first one.

      I find mushrooms delicious and terrifying. I don’t know if any of these are edible. I’ve read that there aren’t any poisonous mushrooms that look like Chanterelles, so it’s probably a good one to start with. Do you pick any wild mushrooms over there?

  2. ShimFarm says:

    Lee, I used to pick mushrooms with my mother, but it’s been a few decades. We used to do a lot of foraging, I guess we were sort of “alternative” before alternative came into vogue. We’d pick mainly honey mushrooms, and get excited by the odd morel here or there. Chanterelles were like finding gold. Puffballs and shaggy manes were quite common. Alone in the woods today? I’d be able to identify an amanita, and that’s about the extent of it.

    I keep threatening to try and grow some shiitake mushrooms. It’s on my lengthy to-do list.

    Hope your weather is a bit more seasonable now. We’re hunkered down, it’s currently 0F with 12″ of snow on the way. Good thing tomorrow is Sunday!

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