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Weeding the hops

Lee’s garden project for the year has been revamping his hop bine trellises. I went out to help weed while he worked on adding a new trellis. He planted a new variety of hop for bittering beer. Hopefully it grows … Continue reading

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How do you follow blogs?

As some of you may know, Google has decided to terminate Google Reader as of July 1st. This announcement was bad news for Robin and me, as we’ve been loyal Reader users for years. I also thought it was an … Continue reading

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Turkey Vultures unite

We have a flock of Turkey Vultures that live in the trees by our house during the spring and summer. Every evening they will land in the tree tops and rustle around getting comfy. It’s something Lee and I look … Continue reading

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The garden looks bare this year

There isn’t much going on in the garden as I refuse to work out there until we get a few things done in the house. Once we start gardening it seems like all house project are put on hold for … Continue reading

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House progess resumes

Lee and I have started working on the inside of the house again. The wiring is installed in the second bedroom and I got the sheep wool and rock wool insulation put up. I do love working with the sheep … Continue reading

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The gosling chronicles

This past month our four geese turned into three geese. We still had four geese in the pen, but one decided to hatch some goslings. She stayed on her nest faithfully while the other three geese palled around. She built … Continue reading

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Planting spring barley

I have a bad blogging habit of procrastinating until I can present a single complete account of our process and outcome. As a result, my posts tend to sit in the drafts folder for months until I’ve collected all the … Continue reading

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Purple Sprouting broccoli

Yummy!! I get excited every time I see it in the spring after forgetting about it all winter.

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Reducing the chicken flock

Last summer, before I got pregnant, I was going to build a fence by our house and get an area ready for a roadside egg selling station. We had bought chicks to add to our flock in preparation for this. … Continue reading

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Mystery of the missing poultry feed

When you keep livestock you expect to lose a small amount of feed to wildlife. We store our goose ration in an open barn, and the wildlife tax has occasionally been collected by some animal chewing the corner off the … Continue reading

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