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Catch a gopher by the tail

“Hey Robin, I got the gopher in my trap”!! “Wow, thats big! Let me get the camera. Hmm, I need it held up so I can get the true scale of it’s size”. “Are you putting me in the picture? … Continue reading

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Fruit trees blooming

Some of our fruit trees are blooming. I checked the orchard bee box to see if any of the mason bees had left. Sure enough, I found holes in the tubes so the bees must be out and working. Hopefully … Continue reading

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Oregon grape

Mahonia aquifolium The Oregon grape is blooming along with everything else. Spring is in full splendor here.

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New addition at Farm Folly

If you think things have been strangely quiet at Farm Folly lately you’d be right. Last summer Robin started work on a new construction project, the details of which we had been debating for years. We didn’t mention it on … Continue reading

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Things we forgot to mention in 2012

Somehow 2012 has snuck by and there was a boatload of stuff we didn’t blog about. Here’s some of the highlights. The sauerkraut I made back in June turned out well. I was nervous about making kraut so I used … Continue reading

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Garbage story

The yearly trash round-up happened a few weeks ago. Considering how much garbage was once piled on our land, we will be picking up debris for years to come. I decided to make a story for some of the pieces … Continue reading

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