All Blue potatoes are feeling bluey

We planted about 7 feet of All Blue potatoes this year, with each plant spaced 18 inches. Since we were dry gardening them the potatoes only received water when it rained. This seems like a bad idea given Oregon’s long dry summers, but so far all the plants have done well. We were shocked how fast this first variety matured and today we harvested them. We got 12.5 pounds which turns out to be 2.5 pounds of potatoes per plant. The lbs/ft is a little lower than in past years, but the potatoes are in great condition.

I’ve never eaten an All Blue potato before but I’m looking forward to it. They are supposed to be good mashed or fried, just like a Russet. Yum!

All Blue potatoes

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  1. ShimFarm says:

    So, what are they like? Do they lose their colour when they are cooked? Assuming they are blue inside as well…?

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