Blue wasp nests?

We kept seeing really blue wasp nests on the ground around the garden shed in May. Lee and I are completely puzzled and Google searches turn up empty. Has anyone else seen this before?

Blue wasp nest

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6 Responses to Blue wasp nests?

  1. Amy B says:

    The wasps probably just found a source of blue paper nearby. I have seen a picture elsewhere online that mentioned this. They chew up whatever paper they can to make nests, I guess.

    • robin says:

      That is interesting Amy. Lee said the wasps go in and out of the shed so maybe that is where they are getting the blue paper. They better not be eating my books!! ­čÖé

  2. ShimFarm says:

    I found a pink one on flickr:

    Heed what Amy says! They did come across a source of blue paper.

  3. Snowbrush says:

    They probably used something that was blue to make their paper for the nest, but what?

    • lee says:

      My guess would be something in the shed. We’ve got a lot of boxes in there still because the house has no storage yet. Some of the boxes are repurposed product boxes, so perhaps there’s a blue one that’s especially tasty. I can’t think of any outdoor sources of blue paper.

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