Chuffa chuffa

We planted some chuffa seed this spring that we purchased from Baker Creek. It took a long time for them to emerge and less than half germinated. Every couple of weeks now a new one will sprout up from the original planting.

The chuffa plant seems to have a long history as a food source for many different cultures. Chuffa tubers are described as slightly sweet and nutty flavored which is the main reason I am growing them. I also like referring to them as chuffa chuffa (pronounced fast and always in doubles) any time I talk about them for the sheer goofiness factor. Goofiness is an important gardening strategy.

Has anyone else out there grown chuffa? I’ve seen a lot of negative things about it. If you want to know more, here’s an extension article which covers it in great detail.


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3 Responses to Chuffa chuffa

  1. ShimFarm says:

    I’d never heard of chuffa-chuffa before! I hope it’s not “one of those” plants you’ll regret later LOL. Give us all an update, willya?

  2. Holly Jones says:

    I grew them for the first time last season…forgot about them, then the grand kids and I dug them up on a warm day this winter…what a treat! We love them and will save back some to grow again. We also got ours from Baker’s Creek.

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