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Blue wasp nests?

We kept seeing really blue wasp nests on the ground around the garden shed in May. Lee and I are completely puzzled and Google searches turn up empty. Has anyone else seen this before?

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Potato plant fruit

A couple of our All Blue potato plants have put on fruit. This is the second time I have seen this happen on potato plants. Lee suggested saving the seed balls but I don’t really want to devote the time … Continue reading

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This spring we finished planting and moving established bushes to their new spot along the garden fence. We also managed to fertilize, sulfur, mulch, and get the dripper hose installed. This is the best crop we’ve had so far and … Continue reading

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First tomato of the season

There is one Sungold tomato on the plant that is almost ripe. Lee and I are both watching it with tingling taste buds. When it is finally ripe we will have to cut it into thirds. We will cry a … Continue reading

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Pickled cauliflower

Eight pints of pickled cauliflower. I make these for me as Lee doesn’t like them. ­čśÇ

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New and old potatoes

A gopher (no, not the big one) damaged two of our long-season baking potato plants. They died back so we dug up some very new potatoes. The red potatoes are a short season variety which are almost ready to harvest.

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The uncatchable gopher

We’ve got a problem that is eating through our onions like they are potato chips. I’m pretty sure it’s a gopher the size of a small dog. Or maybe even a medium sized dog. Lee has been putting new traps … Continue reading

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Expanded goose pen

A month ago we expanded the goose pen with polywire and fiberglass posts. The geese were busy and the pen doesn’t look quite as lush any more.

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I always feel overwhelmed by the cabbage when it is time to harvest. Nobody wants to eat cabbage for a week straight (like we practically did with the cauliflower). I decided to make two batches of sauerkraut so we now … Continue reading

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