I always feel overwhelmed by the cabbage when it is time to harvest. Nobody wants to eat cabbage for a week straight (like we practically did with the cauliflower). I decided to make two batches of sauerkraut so we now have 13 lbs of kraut fermenting on the counter.


The last time I made sauerkraut I did a sweet version from The Joy of Pickling. Even though everyone loved that recipe, I am doing the traditional version and a wine & juniper kraut from the book this time. I hope they turn out okay because I have a feeling some of our friends are going to be gifted sauerkraut. Hehehe.

Making sauerkraut

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3 Responses to Sauerkraut

  1. ShimFarm says:

    Ah-ha! You finally got a Benriner mandoline! That thing is soooo sweet, I just love mine. I’ve been eating coleslaw like it’s been going out of style lately.

    This is one of my favorite “go-to” cabbage recipes, the only exception is that I make it with chicken instead of pork:

    Hope your ‘kraut turns out!

    • robin says:

      Yum, that sounds good!

      I almost mentioned you in the post. That mandoline was in my wish list a while back because of you. I got it for a present and I love it!! It made making sauerkraut a breeze and I got those two batches done during Sidney’s nap.

  2. ShimFarm says:

    That Benriner is one of my favorite kitchen tools! So happy you are enjoying it as much as I do. I love that it is so quick and easy to use and wash. I hardly use my food processor anymore. When I make my bread and butter pickles, the Benriner makes makes my job quick and easy. I sound like a frigging infomercial LOL. LOVE IT!!

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