The squash are taking over

We have two rows of squash that are trying to crowd their way into other rows. The rows contain a total of 12 plants: Jackpot zucchini, Baby cucumber, Tiny bottle gourd, Table Ace acorn squash, and two each of Marina di Chioggia, Galeux d’ Eysines, Silver Edge seed squash, and Tom Fox jack o’ lanterns.


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5 Responses to The squash are taking over

  1. Phil says:

    Nice! Do you have a squash bug problem where you are? They are horrible here – I usually have to container garden my zucchini just to keep them away.

  2. ShimFarm says:

    Lookin’ good! Everything’s growing like WILD!

    • robin says:

      It is! We need to harvest some potatoes but nobody wants to work in 90 degree heat. Bleck. Are you having a heat wave there too?

      • ShimFarm says:

        58F right now, just had one of those torrential downpours our area is known for, but we’ll be back in the mid-80s for the weekend. We’ve had a few scorchers, but no long, drawn-out,will-it-ever-end heatwave. Thankfully.

        Hope you got those taters out of the ground!

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