Big Daddy onions

I pulled my yellow onions yesterday and laid them out to dry. We subsequently read that you should wait for all the tops to fall over for maximum yield, but many of these Big Daddy onions are already huge. We’ll leave the red onions to fall over on their own.

Lee and I were pretty happy with our harvest until we realized it was less than a month’s supply for us. Onions are a staple around here. If we are going to become onion self-sufficient, we’ll need to plant at least 8 rows in the future. Better luck at catching gophers would help too.

Pulled onions

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5 Responses to Big Daddy onions

  1. Phil says:

    Nice harvest! Are you doing garlic this fall?

    • lee says:

      Yes, we are slowly getting everything back on track. Home grown garlic is our most-missed garden crop, especially since we were self-sufficient on it for a few years. A neighbor friend has their own variety that I hope to plant, and we’ll probably trail several other varieties and save our favorites going forward. Any recommendations?

  2. Phil says:

    This is my first year doing more than just a casual planting, and I can’t say how they are yet, but I’m thinking of ordering through Filaree Garlic Farm out of WA state ( They appeared to have a pretty big selection and they had a few I was pretty interested in trying.

  3. Terry Catlin says:

    Where are you finding big daddy onion sets ? I can not find them any where

    • lee says:

      We have a local seed company (Territorial Seed) nearby us which stocks a lot of less common onion starts if you happen to visit at the right time.

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