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Kitchen makeover

We decided to do some remodeling in our kitchen. I’m really digging the new open floor plan, although it is short on counter space.

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Tiny bottle gourds

A basket of Tiny Bottle gourds from our garden has been drying inside for the last couple weeks. I am planning some messy kid crafts soon.

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Corn pile of geese

We harvested Lee’s field corn a few weeks ago. I raked up all the corn stalks afterward and made piles for the geese. At the end of every day the geese had devoured almost every bit of it. Next year … Continue reading

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Marina di Chioggia squash

I grew two Marina di Chioggia squash plants this summer and harvested a total of three squash from them. The culinary descriptions of this variety made me want to grow it. Surely there must be more uses for pumpkin flavor … Continue reading

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Candied jalapeño peppers

Twenty two half-pints of candied jalapeño peppers later and I’m still not sure we have enough. They are a favorite staple in our pantry. Does anyone have a favorite way to use their jalapeños?

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Crash, down came the shack shed

The rotting shed behind our house finally came down. All it took was a chainsaw, a tow cable and a truck to pull it over. There was so much dry rot that I’m not sure how it lasted this long. … Continue reading

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