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Seeing red … amaranth

I love growing amaranth because it’s so big, bold, and eye catching. Lee likes growing it for grain purposes. Right now we have three different varieties in our garden. One is a descendant from the Hartman’s Giant amaranth we grew … Continue reading

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Dreaming of Flea Beetle deaths

Our garden is being besieged by Flea Beetles. It’s been going on for the last two weeks and the Flea Beetles are winning. We always have a problem with them, but this year has been different. They have been draping … Continue reading

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Wild goose chase

Lee wanted to leg band our original four geese and their one stupid offspring before the current year’s crop of goslings grew up. You can’t tell who is who when they are adults as Toulouse geese all look alike. The … Continue reading

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Dry gardened Red LaSoda potatoes

We dug up our Red LaSoda potatoes last week and they weighed in at fifty nine pounds. I’m thinking that is not a bad return on 3.8 pounds of spuds planted in a twenty five foot row (2.4 lbs/ft). We’ve … Continue reading

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Rotten fence post

This past spring we noticed the fence post that our gate hung on was loose. By summer the whole post would swing wildly back and forth as we opened and closed the gate. We installed this fence five years ago … Continue reading

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Big Daddy onions

I pulled my yellow onions yesterday and laid them out to dry. We subsequently read that you should wait for all the tops to fall over for maximum yield, but many of these Big Daddy onions are already huge. We’ll … Continue reading

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Beauty and the practical beast

Today I put the sauerkraut I started at the beginning of the month into pint jars. The wine kraut fermented in a two-dollar two-gallon food grade bucket with an airlock. The regular sauerkraut fermented in a 10 liter Harsch crock … Continue reading

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The squash are taking over

We have two rows of squash that are trying to crowd their way into other rows. The rows contain a total of 12 plants: Jackpot zucchini, Baby cucumber, Tiny bottle gourd, Table Ace acorn squash, and two each of Marina … Continue reading

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Rodents party in the pepper plot

We planted our pepper starts a month ago but many of them haven’t grown. We had been puzzling over this for a couple weeks. They show almost continuous signs of water stress, yet they get plenty of water. Some of … Continue reading

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All Blue potatoes are feeling bluey

We planted about 7 feet of All Blue potatoes this year, with each plant spaced 18 inches. Since we were dry gardening them the potatoes only received water when it rained. This seems like a bad idea given Oregon’s long … Continue reading

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