I’m still not feeling warm

The insulation is in and drywall starts on Friday.

Fuzzy warm insulation

Why is picking paint colors so hard?


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  1. Woody says:

    Because if y’all are anything like us you know that the color will be on the walls for a decade or better.

  2. Margy says:

    I went with bright white to accent the pine paneling and to keep everything bright and clean looking. Plus, it was an easy decision. – Margy

    • robin says:

      I’m looking forward to a little color after living with studs for so long. I probably have about half of the colors picked out, but it’s the other half that is giving me problems. 🙂

  3. ShimFarm says:

    …and this is why Pinterest was invented LOL! I was a big fan of neutrals until I moved to our old house. Each house has its own, erm, mood, I suppose?!

    What rooms are you stuck on? I take it you’re mainly looking at Craftsman-inspired colours? And are those Farrow & Ball paint chips? (I haven’t looked at paint samples in a while – YEAH! At our home, I stopped caring about paint colours 10 years into the renovations – now I just send Eric to our Benjamin Moore paint gal with digital pictures of the space and let the two of them decide. I’m am *SO* beyond caring!)

    Things are really coming together. I am really, really impressed.

    I can barely wait to see the end result. WHEEEE! I don’t know who is more excited, you or me?

    • robin says:

      We are stuck on the bathroom mostly. We picked out the Crema Rixi tile http://www.oregontileandmarble.com/products/ceramic-wall-tile/rixi and the tile tends to eat color. The wall colors we like end up being the same color so the tile doesn’t stand out and pop or Lee doesn’t like wall color because he wants to go with a Japanese bath feel.

      Another problem we’ve noticed is the creamy white color we chose as the trim (and the interior two doors have already painted that) doesn’t quite go with the cooler colors we seem to be picking out. So we are either going to have to change trim color and repaint the door trim at a later date (which I really don’t want to do), pick another cream that is cooler but still close, or change all the color picks we have. ARGGGGG!!!!! We’ve been looking at Benjamin Moore chips.

      Yesterday we ordered the door hardware, later today we are picking up a sample of the floor we are fairly set on, we have to firm up the last of the light picks (most of them are decided on but then there are the last couple we are still puzzling over), I need to settle for sure on the kitchen cabinet hardware (although that is mostly decided), and Lee needs to figure out the siding on the house (his job to install) as there were some issues with that. Lots of little things coming up all at once. I’m getting so excited. A house that has actual walls and put together seems so novel. 😀

      • ShimFarm says:

        It is all so awesome! Why not just live with white walls in the bathroom and see where that takes you (10 years with primed walls LOL)?

        I hear you loud and clear though. Personally I’d prime the bathroom, tile the walls and floor, and then wait and see…wait and see…for what I dunno…LOL…creative procrastination…la la la la… You’ll probably come up with a nice colour once all the tile is in.

        You’re at the fun part of the game when you’re choosing lighting and door hardware and kitchen hardware. The end is in sight! I am so happy for you that it is all coming together.

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