Walls galore

I will admit it, I cried just a little when we walked through the house today after the drywall crew had been through. They are supposed to be finished Monday and then the plaster people will start.

Dining room

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6 Responses to Walls galore

  1. Woody says:

    Just when it starts to feel like home again.

    • robin says:

      Seriously! I haven’t seen walls on some of these rooms in years. We’ve been envisioning how these rooms will look for 6 years but actually seeing them come together feels completely different. It seems like a normal house once again.

  2. ShimFarm says:

    WOW. Just so much WOW going on in that photo!

    I would have cried too. We are drywalling upstairs and things are coming together here. I hear your excitement, loud and clear.

    Choosing the right paint colour is going to be the least of your worries…

    • robin says:

      Ann, when we walked through yesterday we couldn’t believe how much they got done. It would take us hours and hours just to get a wall done. Are you going to post pictures of your project soon?

      I’m glad this past week is over with. We had the job of putting in the inner foam insulation layer and sealing everything up tight, and sound insulating the bathroom, our bedroom, laundry, and office along with all sorts of last minute niggling details before the insulators and drywall crew came in. Lots of late nights because we couldn’t start until the workers were gone and Lee was off work for the day.

  3. brennie says:

    It looks beautiful already. Have fun with the painting and decorating

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