Upstairs floor

The upstairs flooring is done. Trim work, tiling, cabinets, and staining is happening this week.

Flooring down

Upstairs half bath

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Tell me more about the flooring–did you guys DIY it or did you contract that out? We are thinking about ripping out our carpet and installing hardwood floors. With click-and-lock options we think we could do it ourselves, but I’m afraid of potential cans of worms that I may not know how to handle once we get started. Just curious how it went for you two.

    • lee says:

      We contracted out the install since it’s part of a much larger remodeling project. I’ve been avoiding DIY projects that might hold up the main work. The flooring is actually click-lock laminate and it went down really fast. The installers weren’t there more than 3 hours to install two rooms … about 500 sq. ft. It’s definitely something I would have tried as a stand-alone project.

  2. Mark Chase says:

    Very nice, I like the before and most of all the after look with the floor and window trim!

  3. ShimFarm says:

    Way to go! I am so happy for you! Love the colour, too. What kind of wood did you put down?

    Hope the rest of the work is going as planned. Can’t wait for an update!

    • lee says:

      It’s not wood, we cheated. ­čÖé I’m such an stickler for authenticity of materials, but when it came to flooring I was swayed by the near indestructibility of laminate. Our two dogs are not exactly floor friendly.

      The flooring is Sandy Blonde Hickory Planks by Quick-Step. It has a sculpted surface with “grain” aligned to the photo finish. We added a premium underlay pad to reduce the clicky-clacky sound of walking across laminate. I think it looks pretty convincing in person, although it doesn’t quite feel like hardwood to bare feet. I’ll take some better pictures of it later. There are very few pictures of this material online.

      The one exception is the stairwell and the dormer hallway. My builder doesn’t like laminate transition strips, particularly near staircases. We were already using Doug Fir stair treads, so we ran solid wood tongue & groove down the short hall at the top of the stairs too. The fir floor is machined at each doorway to also trap the laminate (thus, no transition strip). Fir floors are actually really period appropriate for this area, but they’re soft and wear quickly if you don’t maintain the finish. So, you could say we have the hardest of floors and the softest of floors.

      Oh, and no dogs on the stairwell. That has always been a rule and my dog loves enforcing rules.

  4. Woody says:

    Absolutely love the craftsman style window trim. Very nice work!

    • lee says:

      Thanks. I’m really happy with them too. I’m such a perfectionist that I’m thankful to have found a builder with the same attention to detail. The trimwork around the clip-doors into our bedrooms is particularly headache inducing. I’ll post a picture after the finishing work is completed.

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