Work in progress

Kitchen outer wall

Kitchen inner wall





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  1. lee says:

    I’d like to point out that in the last picture the stairwell wall and the hallway wall are the same color. Also, neither color is green. Cameras are easily confused.

  2. Snowbrush says:

    It’s looking better all the time. I love what you’re doing with the wall in the kitchen.

    • lee says:

      Thanks. Yes, I’m very excited about the kitchen. The original kitchen had narrow views of the outdoors in between upper cabinets. This new design with twice as many windows and no uppers really emphasizes the outdoors.

  3. ShimFarm says:

    I am really impressed! Nice work…you must be SO HAPPY with the progress! Are you putting in a Japanese soaking tub in the bathroom? I had a hard time figuring what was going on in the third to last photo! Love the crackle in the subway tile – nice effect.

    Looks like you’ve got one big-ass kitchen going on there. Do you have enough room for an island? Are you putting in a down-draft vent? Love the colours and finishing, especially of the window frames. Little details make all the difference.

    Hope you are all doing well!

    • lee says:

      We are very happy. All of the subs have been doing nice work, and when there’s an issue my general contractor has usually picked up on it already. Even now, as I scroll through the pictures, it feels like so much more progress has been made. There’s more finished woodwork, the staircase railing is done, and the bathroom tile is nearly set.

      Good call on the bathtub. Yes, it’s a smaller Japanese-style soaking tug. It’s a pretty small model, and not traditionally accurate since it lacks a footwell. It’s been sitting in the bathroom off to the left for weeks now and Robin keeps asking when they are going to set it so she can sit in it. I was going for an ofuro theme for the whole bathroom, without straying too far from Arts & Crafts.

      The kitchen isn’t all that large … 12′ x 12.5′ according to my plans. When you add in cabinets, that only leaves about 8′ x 8′ clear in the middle which isn’t big enough for an island. (Most sources recommend 3′ of walking space, so you’d have a 2’x2′ islet in the middle.) I’m planning for some kind of rolling cart with a butcher blog top. There’s a space to the left of the sink where it could be parked out of the way. That’s quite a ways down on the ToDo list though…

      • ShimFarm says:

        There is so much awesome going on in your photos I keep coming back for another look. All I can say in nice job! I’d welcome subs traipsing through our house if it meant getting all those little jobs done. (Insert hint to Eric here LOL).

        Yes, with 12′ x 12′, you could eventually add a small rolling butcher block unit. It’s hard to tell what kind of dimensions you’re dealing with from a photo. I think I’ve figured out where your sink, fridge and cook-top are going, not so much for the oven though LOL.

        You’ve done an admirable job bringing your house back from the brink. Keep up the good work!

        • lee says:

          The way the photos are shot, from door opening to door opening, it’s really impossible to tell how big the room is. If we had 8′ archways there would have been abundant space for an island.

          There’s a cabinet missing in that first photo, a small one on the left closer to the camera. The DW fills the gap to the right of it. The cooktop is centered on the back wall and the oven goes into that boxed space underneath. Putting a wall oven under a cooktop is madness, but we got the wall oven as a floor model and there are zero ranges with the cooktop options I was looking for. It almost makes sense.

          As I’ve said before, I share Eric’s concern about hiring people. Prior to this we only hired one guy (twice) for some of the structural work, and things still went kind of wrong at the end of the second project. Does your area have a tour of homes each year? You might try there to find good subs. If you find some specific work you like, the GC at the tour home is usually happy to tell you who did it. I still wish we had gone with the plaster sub we found on the tour here.

  4. Woody says:

    Absolutely beautiful! Soapstone countertops? I really like everything I’m seeing from your remodel. Super choices…great work.

    • lee says:

      Thanks! It does look like soapstone, doesn’t it? It’s actually leathered granite. The surface is soft and bumpy to the touch without any reflection. It feels more like an actually piece of stone, so I thought it was better suited to a Japanese-inspired bathroom. (Preserving the natural appeal of the materials, etc.) It was probably the easiest decision in the whole project.

      Robin doesn’t like small tiles on counter tops, but these stone tiles are 24″x16″ so we only have 3 grout lines. We are using a black grout which should blend in so it looks like one cohesive slab. Since we took this picture, he’s added a stone skirt around the counter which adds to the sense of mass.

  5. Snowbrush says:

    It all looks better now, no?

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