Tasty garlic in my belly

We planted six varieties of garlic last year and somehow they managed to survive. I think I weeded them twice and watered and side dressed them once with fertilizer.

Garlic drying

The six varieties we grew were Elephant, German Red, Blanak, Duganski, Susanville, and Chinese Early Pink. The Chinese Early Pink was the most disappointing of the bunch as they never thrived and grew small heads. Maybe they would have liked more pampering than we provide.

We’ve grown garlic lots of times before, but lost our two nameless varieties to weeds and rodents in the spring of 2013. (We were busy with a different project.) The six varieties this year were an attempt to find some new favorites. We’ll probably scale up a couple these in the fall and try a few more varieties for good measure. Anyone have recommendations?

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5 Responses to Tasty garlic in my belly

  1. Jennifer says:

    I’ve heard repeatedly that Music garlic is fabulous–a good performer, stores well, tastes great. And I know it works for the PAC nw.

    • lee says:

      I remember someone recommending Music to us in the past. Perhaps one of our old lost-name varieties was Music. We’ll add it to the trails this fall if we can get seed bulbs. Thanks!

  2. lee watson says:

    Music and another red, that I can’t recall the name of, were my garlic choices this year. Both faired well considering our wet weather we’ve been experiencing.

  3. ShimFarm says:

    Hey guys! How are you all faring?

    Long time no hear…hope you’re all doing well and enjoying your finished (hopefully!) house.

    All the best in 2016 from your northern friends at Shim Farm.

    • robin says:

      Hey you! I actually wrote a comment on your latest blog post yesterday but then I accidentally erased it. We are doing well! Somehow having a kid seems to suck all my free creative brain time so the blog has faired badly. I love being warm over here in our super insulated house. It rocks!!!!! Lee is continually cooking up a storm in the kitchen. That is his favorite room in the house. Sidney is still an awesome little kid. We are thinking about front yard landscaping, fencing, kid play house, and finishing up random projects this new year. What is going on with you?

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