Raspberry relocation

Lee dug up the raspberry patch and moved it yesterday. It’s been in the same area for five years and has done diddly squat. We think the lack of thriving is caused by the deer. At least we hope so as otherwise we stink at growing raspberries.


Another reason we moved the raspberries is they were in line with a new fence we are building this summer. I call it piece of mind from all the, “where did the child just go?”

Old raspberry trench

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2 Responses to Raspberry relocation

  1. Bill Gauch says:

    They may be infected with a virus. Raspberries are susceptible to a few viruses that can cause low/no yield. That’s the reason they recommend not planting black/yellow (highly susceptible) raspberries next to red (less susceptible) raspberries.

    As for the “where did the child just go?” problem, I’ve had the same thing countless times. I say, “Backyard only,” which, to them, means “stay in the backyard until daddy goes to get a drink and then run to the front door and start shoving sticks in the mail slot.”

    • robin says:

      LOL! Shoving sticks in the mail slot sound like a great past time. At least it isn’t sand or dirt or rocks. 🙂

      I never considered a virus being a problem for the raspberries. I’m hoping it was just the deer (I watched a herd of them this past week hover around our backyard.) and they will perk up this year.

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