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Paint chips

The whole house has a coat of primer and the ceilings in most rooms were painted today. Tomorrow they will start painting the walls. We are going to paint the upstairs bedrooms and bath ourselves this weekend. We would have … Continue reading

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Goodbye old friend

Jasper quietly went to sleep at the vets office on Monday. He was 20 years old. We adopted him in 2004 at an animal rescue in Phoenix, AZ. We were there to help a friend pick out a cat. I … Continue reading

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Returning to our perches

On March 11th, our turkey vultures returned. I say “our vultures” only because they choose to spend the summer in the tall trees near our house. They may well look down upon us from their perches as “our local two … Continue reading

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The Battle of Port Orford

Back in 2009 we had two trees removed from the front of our house. Ever since then, we have been walking around one of the stumps to get to where we park the car. In early 2012, I decided to … Continue reading

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How do you follow blogs?

As some of you may know, Google has decided to terminate Google Reader as of July 1st. This announcement was bad news for Robin and me, as we’ve been loyal Reader users for years. I also thought it was an … Continue reading

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Planting spring barley

I have a bad blogging habit of procrastinating until I can present a single complete account of our process and outcome. As a result, my posts tend to sit in the drafts folder for months until I’ve collected all the … Continue reading

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New addition at Farm Folly

If you think things have been strangely quiet at Farm Folly lately you’d be right. Last summer Robin started work on a new construction project, the details of which we had been debating for years. We didn’t mention it on … Continue reading

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Fixing a broken chicken waterer

One of the foundations of free market theory is that when consumers and producers can both make free decisions, the market will settle on prices and production levels which maximize the benefit to all individuals involved. While this seems to … Continue reading

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The lady beetle infestation

A couple months ago we lamented the cucumber beetle army which was attacking our cucumbers, squash, beans, sun flowers and pretty much everything else. We smashed hundreds of them and even resorted to Pyrethrin once. The cucumber beetle battle lasted … Continue reading

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Name that mystery vegetable

It’s the game show for people who don’t get their food from a box! For 200 points, what is this garden vegetable: Bonus points if you know the cultivar name as well. Please answer in the form of a question … Continue reading

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