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True grits

The fennel in our garden is ready to eat. After discovering how much we loved eating it last year we decided to add it to our garden this year. The picture below is grits soaking which were ground from corn … Continue reading

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Four dead trees removed

Late last summer four Port Orford Cedar trees by our house died from a root fungus disease. We weren’t very surprised, since one Port Orford had already died of the same problem in 2012. Our tree guy took two down … Continue reading

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What’s in the garden?

April is officially over and soon it will be time to plant warm weather crops. Is there a veggie plant you always have to grow? We can’t seem to live without garlic. Currently, we have the following crops in our … Continue reading

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Fence line clearing and building

The north property line fence was finished this February. We had very mild weather this winter so I cleared a lot of blackberries and Lee took down a lot of wild hazelnut trees. Sidney got overdosed on cartoons one night … Continue reading

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Raspberry relocation

Lee dug up the raspberry patch and moved it yesterday. It’s been in the same area for five years and has done diddly squat. We think the lack of thriving is caused by the deer. At least we hope so … Continue reading

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New baby chicks

Last winter we barely got any eggs so it was time to get some new chicks. The new peep cheepers are in the brooder house getting fat and sassy.

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Breaking ground

The summer garden is officially started. Woohoo!

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Tasty garlic in my belly

We planted six varieties of garlic last year and somehow they managed to survive. I think I weeded them twice and watered and side dressed them once with fertilizer. The six varieties we grew were Elephant, German Red, Blanak, Duganski, … Continue reading

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Kitchen progress

Work has been steady over here and projects are starting to get close to wrapping up. The kitchen is nearly complete. The counter tops and window sills were installed last Friday. They are Silestone composite quartz. The pulls and knobs … Continue reading

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Misadventures in water

They came. They drilled. They left a huge mess. But sadly, they did not find the water we were looking for. The whole point of this exercise was to find rust free water. All of our neighbors have clean water, … Continue reading

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