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Fruit trees blooming

Some of our fruit trees are blooming. I checked the orchard bee box to see if any of the mason bees had left. Sure enough, I found holes in the tubes so the bees must be out and working. Hopefully … Continue reading

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The honey bee’s have officially ditched us

That is about all there is to it. We will try again when we find another swarm. I’m thinking that we aren’t likely to find another wild swarm this year as it is late in the season. So I guess … Continue reading

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Ants on the bee box

Lee and I have been fretting over our bees here. We haven’t been seeing much activity outside the bee box ever since we captured the honey bees. The most activity we saw was the following two days after capturing the … Continue reading

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Photo documentary of Lee collecting wild honey bees

A bee swarm forms down at my Uncle’s house. We jump in the car and drive down there quick. The bees are up in a tree so a ladder is found and legs are adjusted. The ladder is put in … Continue reading

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The swarm that got away

You’re never going to believe this. I hardly believe it, and it happened to us! In a recent post about bee boxes, I mentioned that we planned to capture wild swarms to start our hives. We’ve since finished the boxes. … Continue reading

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Starting on our bee boxes

We started putting our bee boxes together tonight. We purchased the equipment unassembled at a local beekeeping shop. In the future, we might build some of our equipment, but there’s probably not that much money to be saved either way. … Continue reading

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