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Blackberry peach jam and blackberry syrup

I HATE picking blackberries with a passion. Lee tried to have me pick blackberries last year but he gave up after some massive whining from my part. It went along the lines of, “It’s too hot. The berries are all … Continue reading

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Canning week continues

I got worried about my meager tomato harvest, so last Friday I stopped by a local farm store that was having a special on bulk veggies. I picked up three 20 lb boxes of tomatoes and one 10 lb box … Continue reading

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Canning day

It’s been one of those days. Salsa, tomato sauce, and Italian tomato sauce were today’s projects. By the way, if anyone has a salsa recipe that they love, let me know! I’ve got more tomatoes that need canned, and we … Continue reading

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Fermenting pickles

Three weeks ago I excitedly gathered dill, cucumbers, and a couple of hot peppers from my garden in order to make some fermented pickles. I wanted to make some Lower East Side Full-Sour Dills (based on a recipe from page … Continue reading

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Candied jalapeños

My love affair with candied jalapeños began last year. I first wrote about it here and ended up making a second batch. Since last summer I’ve had lingering thoughts about those delicious, amazing, fantastical peppers and waited for my upcoming … Continue reading

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Tarragon pickles and dilly beans

Lee surprised me with a new canning book called Canning for a New Generation. Though, maybe he was just hoping it would inspire me to get my butt in gear and preserve some more stuff. I made two recipes from … Continue reading

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Pickled cauliflower and zucchini relish

Every gardener tends to get a few really big overlooked zucchinis in their garden. If you are a normal person and have an oven, then zucchini bread is a good use for these monsters. Since I don’t have an oven … Continue reading

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Local cherries

I LOVE cherries! I love cherries so much that frequently you will see me in the grocery store looking longingly at them. Unfortunately, my practical side rarely lets me buy fruit which has been airmailed from the southern hemisphere for … Continue reading

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Preserving in sucrose

From jams and jellies to canned fruit, preserving in sugar (sucrose) is a common method of saving food. Robin has canned peaches and cherries before, but during the past week we’ve expanded into candied vegetables and jam. Cowboy Candy Robin … Continue reading

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Food preservation roundup

As our Oregon weather hastens quickly toward winter, Robin and I have been scrambling to gather and preserve any garden produce that survived the crazy summer season. Here are some of the highlights, in no particular order: These are ground … Continue reading

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