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Ice day

December has brought us lots of cold but very little rain or snow. On several nights the weather has turned to freezing fog, and morning’s light broke upon an otherworldly landscape of icy shards.

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European red slug

We came upon this large red slug one evening and because of the hole in its head we at first thought it was a Leopard Slug. After a bit of research, we discovered that it was actually a European Red … Continue reading

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Daucus carota The fields are brown with Queen Anne’s lace and dried grass. I guess winter is on its way.

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Fields of grass

With Lee’s tractor on holiday our fields are now officially out of control. Some of the grass is taller then me and I’m no shorty. Most of the grass is seeding out and it’s really quite beautiful. The fields have … Continue reading

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Little Cowhorn fire lookout

This post is a little different than our usual accounts of homesteading chaos. In parallel with our other summer projects, Lee and I have been working on getting in better shape. We have been doing a lot of hiking and … Continue reading

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I went in to check on the goose before calling the wildlife rehabilitation center and all was not well. Our poor little goose didn’t make it. šŸ™

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What to do with an injured duck?

**Update: I found out it was a goose instead of a duck** I was out hanging laundry, feeling proud of myself for getting three loads done today, when someone pulled up. As I walk over to see what they wanted, … Continue reading

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That time of year

It’s that time of year when Oregon weather is playing dice with our fruit trees. We’ll have a few 40°F nights, and then a few 34°F nights. One night it dropped to 33°F just to keep us guessing. One of … Continue reading

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Volunteer plum tree

While I was sitting in my camp chair taking it easy watching Lee hard at work slaying blackberry vines, I noticed a plum tree. It’s growing under a row of fir trees not to mention it has a Purple Robe … Continue reading

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How to clear out wild blackberry vines

Lee has found a new use for his 8″ grape hoe. It works amazingly well for cutting through the thick stems of the blackberries and even small branches. He makes sure to sharpen the blade every time before use and … Continue reading

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