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Jack is amazing

I guess she is stock piling vermin for a rainy day in case she runs out of kitty biscuits. I burst out laughing when I saw this lovely little pile by our back door. Not bad for a cat with … Continue reading

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Aggie went to the vet

Aggie got spayed today and now she is the most pitiful looking mess of a dog. I always feel so guilty when one of our pets comes back from getting fixed. They just look so miserable. We don’t want any … Continue reading

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Of branches, vines, and bleeding hearts

We are slowly getting ready for some more fencing projects. This new fence line will run from the corner of the garden to the chicken pen. It will be around 200 feet. Unfortunately, there was a huge pile of limbs … Continue reading

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Jack and Jasper

I don’t seem to take pictures of our cats very much. Lee and I were out working on the front porch and the cats were keeping an eye on us. Since I had my camera handy I figured I would … Continue reading

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Aggie attack

Our English Shepherd Aggie doesn’t have any sheep to herd, so she makes up for it by using Edgar as her own personal practice toy. Here she starts out all innocent and full of love. Then she acquires her target… … Continue reading

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A haircut gone badly awry

It’s that time of year again. Edgar managed to grow his hair out and needed a trim. Only, due to an unfortunate series of events he managed to get the worst haircut of his life. He doesn’t know it thankfully. … Continue reading

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Jack braves the beast

Jack has decided to take her life into her own paws and start using the dogs for pillows. She is becoming obsessed with the dogs and circles around waiting for them to lay down. Then as soon as they are … Continue reading

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Fall brings in mushrooms galore

The weather here has been a bit wild. First it’s warm and sunny and then it turns cold. Add onto that we have had a lot of rain. Two days this week we have seen almost an inch a day. … Continue reading

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Edgar and his green dog mohawk

I couldn’t help myself. Really, I tried to resist the urge for over a week. Edgar’s doggie mohawk was just begging for a punk color. I did restrain myself and didn’t do pink. He is very thankful for that.

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Edgar gets a dog mohawk

I was bored, what else can I say… Edgar needed shaved due to pitch and mats he acquired in his fur during the house project. So I decided to give him a new hair do. I think his mohawk fits … Continue reading

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