New and old potatoes

A gopher (no, not the big one) damaged two of our long-season baking potato plants. They died back so we dug up some very new potatoes. The red potatoes are a short season variety which are almost ready to harvest.


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The uncatchable gopher

We’ve got a problem that is eating through our onions like they are potato chips. I’m pretty sure it’s a gopher the size of a small dog. Or maybe even a medium sized dog. Lee has been putting new traps out every day for a month and this gopher has been mocking him by tripping the traps and filling the holes. It’s smart. Like genius smart.

Gopher hole

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Expanded goose pen

A month ago we expanded the goose pen with polywire and fiberglass posts.

Geese munching on grass

The geese were busy and the pen doesn’t look quite as lush any more.

Baby goslings

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I always feel overwhelmed by the cabbage when it is time to harvest. Nobody wants to eat cabbage for a week straight (like we practically did with the cauliflower). I decided to make two batches of sauerkraut so we now have 13 lbs of kraut fermenting on the counter.


The last time I made sauerkraut I did a sweet version from The Joy of Pickling. Even though everyone loved that recipe, I am doing the traditional version and a wine & juniper kraut from the book this time. I hope they turn out okay because I have a feeling some of our friends are going to be gifted sauerkraut. Hehehe.

Making sauerkraut

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Paper weed block

We are trying out a new weed block this year. We still used the garden bio-film around the tomatoes but decided to use a recycled paper weed block around the peppers. It’s always fun experimenting with new things. The recycled paper weed block was cheaper than the bio-film but it was a pain to set up. The wind would catch the paper and blow it over which didn’t seem too great for the pepper plants. It seems to be holding up well though.

Paper weed block around the peppers

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Baby chicks

One of our hens hatched out eight Ameraucana chicks. We added six more chicks we got from a farm store. Four are Delaware and two are Minorcas. The mother hen didn’t seem to notice when she woke up with extra chicks one day.

Baby chicks

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I think I’m in love. We grew Broccoflower this year from a pack of veggie starts, and wow is it delicious! Suddenly regular old cauliflower seems even more boring.


Broccoflower 2

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Garden is in

We finished planting the last things we wanted to grow this summer in the garden. There were some odd seed failures (sunflowers, celeriac, beans, beets, etc), but on the whole everything is looking good.

Garden 2014

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Baby goslings

We had seven goslings hatch out on Monday. All the male geese took up waiting outside the hatching shelter on the weekend so we knew they were coming soon. The males also stopped eating, trashing their pool, and wandering around while they were on baby monitoring duties.


There are two other geese who are in the process of hatching out eggs. I’m not sure how well this clutch is going to turn out as they keep getting distracted by the new goslings and getting off their nest. One of the two geese was also egg dumping/partly nesting. I’m actually okay if all the eggs don’t hatch out as I don’t want to be completely over run with geese. I’m thinking these two geese should be culled later on as they aren’t good sitters.

Clutch of eggs

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Burn piles

Two burn piles gone and 3 more to go. It’s raining again so I am going to have to wait until the remaining ones dry out.


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